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Award For Bathhouse Outreach Worker: John Steven Cummins

As far as blogs go is surprising because there’s always something smart and relevant, and I usually wind up finding out something I didn’t know after I’ve read one of their posts. I have no idea who is writing this blog, but whoever it is deserves credit for doing it right. In all the years I’ve been reading information about the LGBT community online, through blogs and web sites, this one is in my own personal top ten for excellence in awareness.

The post I’m linking to now is about a young med student, John Steven Cummins, who just won an award:

“…for founding MizzouMed Pride, a group which promotes and raises awareness LGBTQ health issues.”

I’ve written and posted about this before several times. The health problems facing the LGBT community range from elderly issues to youths who can’t afford health insurance. And let’s not forget about how expensive HIV meds (ARVs) are and all those who can’t afford to spend thousands of dollars a month. The numbers are alarming.

To read more, follow this link to the post at Bathhouseblog, where other links will lead you to places to learn more about what John Steven Cummins is actually doing and about the award he won.