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Something New At BookEnds, LLC for Self-Published Authors

They just announced something new over at BookEnds, LLC. For those who don’t know, BookEnds has been a reputable literary agency for a long time. And now they are doing something new with self-published authors who are interested in getting into publishing their own e-books. To me, this is helping authors in a new way.

I’d rather you check out the link yourselves than me trying to explain it and misquoting anyone. It’s an interesting venture and I left my own two cents on the comment thread in support.

And, of course, as usual, there are the negative types who know it all (God, I’m so tired of know-it-alls!!) and aren’t patient enough to see what BookEnds is actually going to do. The fact is that publishing is changing and agents, like authors, are looking into new and interesting ways to deal with business. And I can’t help but offer a huge round of applause to anyone who does something new with the best of intentions.