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My Friend Ryan…A Guy in Love

I heard my blogging buddy, Ryan, is in the hospital. He’s always had a few health issues he’s posted about and he’s always seemed to deal with them one by one. You can read about it here, and leave a comment for Ryan if you wish. Over the past six years, I’ve seen Ryan bounce back from a lot. And I’m sure he’ll bounce back this time, too.

His brother, Tyler, seems to be taking care of things right now, including posting about Ryan’s condition on the blog. And I have a lot of faith in Tyler. He’s a tough guy and I’m sure he’ll be taking very good care of his brother. In fact, if I were sick, I’d want someone like Tyler watching out for me. That’s how much I trust his judgment.

And I’ll be posting when I hear something, as well.

I just hate being so far away. I’d be there at that hospital right now if I lived closer.