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Christian Conservative Freaks Out About How Gay Fox News Is; Trans Women 45 Years Ago; LGBT Adults, Health Insurance, and Unemployment;

Christian Conservative Freaks Out About How Gay Fox News Is

What always surprises me about the far right wing Christian conservatives is how they are so certain and so positive about everything. Not only do they know it all, they’ll tell you what’s right and what’s wrong. And then they’ll tell you what’s wrong with you.

In any event, this one is rich. Some right wing Christian conservative isn’t liking the way Fox News is supporting LGBT people.

There are some Christian conservatives who are appalled at the direction the Fox News network has taken lately, and not in the way that one should be appalled at the station.

Writing for Life SiteDoug Mainwaring takes the network to task for endorsing sodomy and losing sight of our Lord and Savior.

Here’s more. 

Trans Women 45 Years Ago

I recently watched an old rerun of the TV show, The Jeffersons, and saw an episode I’d never seen before. George’s old army buddy returns to visit him in NY many years later, only now he’s a woman instead of a man. This episode has to be over 40 years old. And they handled the subject well considering the times. 

And trans people have been around a lot longer than that.

David Attenborough fought to put transgender women on television 45 years ago.
Attenborough was made BBC Director of Programs in 1969. In a confidential memo, Attenborough allegedly urged the BBC to hand over airwaves to marginalized groups, including trans people.
LGBT Adults, Health Insurance, and Unemployment
Here’s an interesting study and suggests LGBT adults are less likely to have health insurance and employment. 
Using data from a 2013 follow-up survey, researchers found that both male and female sexual minorities were around twice as likely to have been unemployed and uninsured over the prior year, compared to their straight peers.
Here’s more. I can’t comment because I don’t know enough about it. 

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