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He Let His Straight Roommate Bang Him; Egyptian Reporter Who Interviewed A Gay Man; Brian Singer Denies Sexual Misconduct

He Let His Straight Roommate Bang Him

Here’s a story about a guy who slept with his straight male roommate, and now he’s getting the silent treatment. This happened to me once, and I’m sure it’s happened to many other gay men.

“A month later, I now hear him having loud sex with women regularly, which I definitely never heard before,” he writes. “He’s not hostile, but he won’t really look me in the eye either.”

This is about as classic as it gets. You can read the rest, here.

Egyptian Reporter Who Interviewed A Gay Man

Here’s more on the story about the reporter in Egypt who was sentenced to one year imprisonment, plus a fine, simply for interviewing a gay man.

There’s an interesting twist to this story. The reporter, Mohammed al-Gheiti, is allegedly on record for speaking out against ‘homosexuality.’ 

It goes into a lot more detail about this story, and gives more background on what it’s like in Egypt for gay men. 

You can check this out, here. 

Brian Singer Denies Sexual Misconduct

I’ve posted before about rumors involving Brian Singer, and now a few accusations just surfaced. 

Singer has now been accused by four men, and there’s a long article in The Atlantic about the allegations. 

‘There’s a bunch of us,’ says one man quoted in the article. ‘It’s like, “You were one of Singer’s boys? Me too.”’

Here’s the link. Singer is denying all allegations. There’s also another link to The Atlantic piece. 

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