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Russell Tovey: Rimming on "Looking"; Dick Necklace Outrage; 10 Year Old Looking for Boys

Russell Tovey: Rimming on “Looking”

In this article out “Looking” actor, Russell Tovey, discusses his sex scenes with Jonathan Groff, and a cake that says, “Birthdays are like rim jobs you gotta get involved open up and get ready for another great year.” I guess commas don’t count in cake.

Tovey said this about the sex scenes:

“As the season goes on you’ll see where that comes from,” Tovey quips. “We were on a night shoot during our lunch and that cake turned up and I was over the moon. My mom and dad were like, ‘Oh, I love the cake. Not sure about the rim job. Yeah, not sure of the words — but the cake looks lovely!'”

As for the attention his well-sculpted derrière has gotten on social media, Tovey notes, “In the future, I imagine myself looking back and going, ‘God, I had a nice ass. Glad I got that out.’ If it’s there now, I’m getting it out because it’s not always gonna look like that … I’ve grown it myself, and I also have my parents to thank for it being well-received.”

He’s right, you know. It won’t stay that way forever. Smart man to realize that at 33 years old. After 40 the real struggle begins. I was born in 1970. You find yourself running longer each morning and jogging faster up more hills 🙂

You can read the rest here, where there’s another link to a full interview with Tovey.

Dick Necklace Outrage

Just when you think it can’t get weirder, you see an article where there’s controversy over a freaking penis necklace.

Tom Ford designed a $790 penis necklace in gold or silver that loosely resembles a cross. Frankly, I wouldn’t wear a dick necklace, nor would I pay $790 for anything dick related. THAT should be free. I probably wouldn’t have designed anything that declasse either. Shoot me; I’m more conservative about things like jewelry and good taste. I won’t wear Crocs either. In the same respect, I don’t think it’s the end of the world. Crocs never hurt anyone and they’ve been around for years now.

Here’s what’s being said:

“A designer gets a little too cute with my religion at Christmastime, and uses sexual imagery to make a quick buck off of it,” he said. “Sounds like someone who is not exactly Catholic-friendly, and has some sexual hang-ups as well. It doesn’t take a Ph.D. in Profiling to guess just who might be behind this sick gambit.”

Gay Star News reported that others took to Twitter to criticize Ford over the phallic pendant.
The 53-year-old fashion star debuted the necklace at his spring-summer 2015 show in London over the summer. At the time, Esquire noted the possibility that the penis cross may be an allusion to the phallus-shaped fascinus charms worn by ancient Romans.

It could have been designed much differently. It is in poor taste, both actually and theoretically. In fact, it’s painfully ugly. The testicles look a bit deformed…if that’s what they are…maybe they’re acorns. It’s hard to tell whether they were going for realism or that, you know, “artistic” quality that so often fails. Think Yoko Ono. You can see a photo at the site to which I’m linking.

Here you go. Dick jewelry at it’s worst.  

Side note for single people: I don’t think I’d go out with anyone that wore a gold dick around his neck either. But that’s just my opinion.

10 Year Old Looking for Boys

Here’s an article written by a really cool mom who seems to be doing all the right things. It’s about her 10 year old son taking Zumba, which is usually (but not always) for girls, and how she reacted to comments like, “I’ll bet your son loves that. He’s the only boy and has his pick of the girls.” You know, funny ha-ha straight humor that always makes us cringe.

As it turns out, her son isn’t interested in his “pick” of the girls. Her son is more interested in boys.

Yeah, I do know that that’s kind of ridiculous. In the past couple of years, we’ve dealt with our fair share of shock-and-awe reactions to our son’s orientation. We’ve also dealt with the “Is this still happening?” reaction as the years have gone by. But it never stops bothering me when people automatically assume he’s straight. I got so annoyed that I just started correcting people.

“No,” I’d say, “he’s not interested in girls like that. He’s gay. He says girls are for friends.”

Then the response came, and almost always the same response: “Really? How can he know that? He’s so young.”

These people failed to see the contradiction in their words. They’d just implied that my son had picked his after-school club so that he could get some fourth-grade-style action from the girls, but then they said he’s too young to know he likes boys. They assumed that he would be after girls, which means they assumed that he already knew he was straight, yet the idea that he might already know he is gay came as such a shock.

There’s so much simple common sense in that statement it’s hard to believe society has been brainwashed to believe otherwise. I knew at 3 years old. I don’t know when my brother first realized. I never asked him that question. We didn’t find out about each other until we were in our 20’s and ran into each other in a gay bar. But I do remember this conversation well with a relative at a wedding once.

Relative to my brother: Well, I guess the next family gathering where we’ll see each other will be YOUR wedding.

My brother: Or YOUR funeral.

You can read the rest here. It’s a great article for all parents to read just so we never have to hear the stupid question, “How can he know that?” again.

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