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Hawaiian Gay Wedding Gives You FEELS; Straight Dude Bros Curious About Gay Sex Stuff; Gay Hook Up App and CREEPS

Hawaiian Gay Wedding Gives You FEELS

Here’s a sweet tender story about two lovely gay men who had their dream wedding come true in Hawaii. As they say in the article, it’s bound to give you the feels.

24-year-old Christian Alarid and 27-year-old Shayne Barnes were contacted by HVCB to do a photoshoot shortly after they got engaged. After they arrived, Alarid was the first to find out and let Barnes know that today was the big day…if he was still into it.

Thankfully he was, and with the help of local vendors and Alaska Airlines, their families came together to watch the two vets join in wedded bliss.

There’s a video of the wedding here. But bring tissues. 

Straight Dude Bros Curious About Gay Sex Stuff

Here’s another one of those earth shattering stories about how straight dude men are so interested in gay sex..and buttholes. There are an awful lot of butthole questions.

Here are some of them:

“How many buttholes have you seen?”
“Would you rather a just-a-little-bit-smaller-than-an-average-dick or a way-to-big-to-do-anything-with dick?”
“Butthole maintenance. How is it for you?”
These are just a few of the questions straight guys had for gay guys when they were given free reign to ask whatever they wanted in a new Buzzfeed video.

Here’s the rest of it. 

Here’s one of the comments…

 And it ends with a BIG DICK! sorry not all of us have one and not all of us are obsessed with one, my only concern: does it give you pleasure and can you give pleasure with what you have… Period!

Gay Hook Up App and CREEPS

As long and as far back as I can recall there have been creeps roaming the earth. The creeps are everywhere you go and you’ll even find some of them in the most harmless places like the CVS food aisle creeping jars of Ragu in the buy one get one free section. But this particular article I’m posting about now is focused on a new app for hook ups that will keep the creeps out. And it’s done in a very interesting way…by members voting on who is allowed to join and who is not allowed.

Hanky — an app that hails itself as “a better way to meet men” — puts up new users to a vote, and any three current users can help decide whether that person should be allowed to join.

Cofounder Jonas Cronfeld confirms that 8 out of 10 applicants are rejected — and the hope is to get “more sexy” users.

“For a long time,” he says, “we’ve been fed up with the vibe of the other gay apps. We will probably never have 5 million members like some of these other apps because so many get turned away. But we’ll choose quality over quantity any day.”

There you are.  It kind of reminds me of the old restricted country clubs where only those with the most privilege were allowed to join.  

You can read more here, and don’t miss the comments. They are the most redeeming part of this entire article and the readers are vocal about how they feel. 

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