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Princess Beatrice’s Hat As A Cupcake

I was lurking around one of my favorite blogs a few minutes ago, “Cupcakes Take the Cake,” and fell over laughing at this one.

I’m on the fence about Princess Beatrice’s hat. I know that hat has had many comments since the Royal Wedding, but I thought it was interesting. And, let’s face it, most of the hats worn at that wedding were really cheesy. Those hats suck. The Queen’s hat…and her entire outfit…looked as if she’d just stepped out of a l960’s time capsule. Seriously. And don’t slam me because she’s in her eighties. The Queen has been wearing styles from the l960’s since the l960’s, and this isn’t something new.

But I guess we all have our little quirks. And the only royal who ever had a sense of style was Diana. Maybe Princess Beatrice had an ulterior motive for wearing that hat. I wouldn’t be surprised. Be interesting to find out whether or not her mother, Sarah, who was snubbed by the royals, had it designed especially for the occasion.

Kind of like the middle finger of all hats, in a quiet subdued way.

Frankly, though I do hate to admit it, I probably would have done something like that if my mother had been snubbed by her ex-in laws.