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Harry Potter Film Ignores Gay Leading Man; Neo-Nazi Tells Court He’s Bisexual; Another Kennedy, Again

Harry Potter Film Ignores Gay Leading Man

I’m surprised at Ms. Know-It-All, J. K. Rowling. I’ve never seen a Harry Potter film, and I never plan to see one. It’s not my genre, and it never will be. So I’m only linking to this. I do, however, have one comment at the end.

When asked whether Dumbledore’s sexuality will be mentioned at all in the film, director David Yates said:

“Not explicitly. But I think all the fans are aware of that. He had a very intense relationship with Grindelwald when they were young men. They fell in love with each other’s ideas, and ideology and each other.”

Clearly, a lot of gay people are not happy about this. You can read the rest here.

You’ve seen me rant about THAT film, Call Me By Your Name. I ranted because that’s a story about a 17 year old barely legal boy having a sexual relationship with an older man. It’s the same dismal story line gay men get all the time in films. But even worse, they refer to Call Me By Your Name as a gay romance when it is anything but a gay romance. And now this, with Harry Potter. God forbid anyone should give gay people a good romance, or show kids a positive love story between two men.

As someone in the comments pointed out, at least Star Trek did it correctly. 

Neo-Nazi Tells Court He’s Bisexual

Here’s a story about a guy who allegedly planned a “murderous attack” on gay people, but was stopped before he had the chance to do anything. And now he’s denying it. It’s very twisted. 

Now Stables is denying he planned any sort of terroristic attack, telling the court he’s not homophobic at all.
He says he’d written the posts simply to get a rise out of friends, adding: “Actually I am bisexual.”
His attorney claims Stables has Asperger’s syndrome.
Here’s the rest. If nothing else, in general, I think it’s a good example of why you should never, ever post anything on social media that’s damaging or violent. Unfortunately, I see people do it all the time and frankly I’m surprised we aren’t seeing more things like this in court. 
Another Kennedy, Again
I’m sure Joe Kennedy III is a great guy, with tons of talent, and I hope he has a bright future in politics. I’m not knocking him. But as a registered Democrat all my life, I’d like to see something a little different for a change. It’s like they just keep recycling that same strategy over and over, and no one new ever gets a chance. 
The overall tenor of Kennedy’s speech was distinctly anti-Tr–p, and more than a few pundits agreed he was the wrong person to be making that argument.
You can check this out, here. He is cute. There’s that. 
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