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Naked Guy Friends; Franco and Rogan Suck Face; Harry Louis Lawsuit

Naked Gay Friends

Some things are simple. This is one of them. It talks about how male friends react to seeing each other naked.

It’s a video:

What a lovely way to kick off the work week. The folks over at BuzzFeed found three sets of straight male besties who had never seen each other naked, then invited them into the studio to check out one another in the buff for the very first time because, well, why not?

First, the guys stood back-to-back as they disrobed. Some were more nervous then others. Then, on the count of three, they turned around. What ensued were lots of giggles, some hugging, some rating of one another’s schlongs, and even a game of “helicopter.”

Afterwards, the guys debriefed the experience.

You can see it here. And don’t forget to stop by the comments. 

Franco and Rogan Suck Face

Here you go, Rose McGowan. You slam innocent gay men on floats but this one passes you by. Typical Hollywood tool. It’s an article about James Franco and Seth Rogan gay baiting in a three-way kiss.

But first let me back up. The reason why Franco’s sucking face with Rogan could be to divert attention from the Sony hack deal where e-mails were released about their venture, The Interview. I haven’t seen it.

 The Interview currently carries a 40% “fresh” score on Rotten Tomatoes (that’s awful), and its stars have gone silent to the press since the movie’s premiere over the weekend. If Sony’s data breach really is an act of North Korean reprisal, it’s hard to imagine a movie less worth getting hacked over.

This is brutal.

Emails sent from UK Sony Pictures exec Peter Taylor to president of Sony Pictures Releasing International Steven O’Dell are particularly harsh, describing the comedy as a “misfire,” “unfunny and repetitive,” with “a level of realistic violence that would be shocking in a horror movie.” Taylor holds one of the film’s co-stars in particularly low regard: “James Franco proves once again that irritation is his strong suit which is a shame because the character could have been appealing and funny out of his hands.”

There’s more here. I suggest reading it when you have the time. There’s too much to cover for one small post here, but it’s an interesting account about the Sony hacks…and the way Channing Tatum writes e-mails 🙂 The thing I find most interesting is that we’re talking about people who are treated like US royalty and we pay them millions of dollars.

Here’s more about the three-way gay baiting kiss.

Seth Rogen and James Franco have been on an impressive Sony hack distraction tour promoting their new film The Interview, even going as far as exchanging a little saliva with each other and Nick Kroll. Amy Pascal who?

Thanks in large part to the hilarious Kroll, dressed as publicist Liz, the sketch is unfortunately much funnier than the preview for the film the stars are out to promote.

There’s more here about that.  Frankly, I’m starting to think Franco and Rogan have missed their calling. They’d be perfect for the Christians to use during conversion therapy. Watch this video once…could make you straight!!

Harry Louis Lawsuit

I posted about model Harry Louis last week and a lawsuit he might pursue over a disagreement with a Starbucks worker. But that’s not the point here. I think the main point is the commentary about his lawsuit:

Last week, former Marc Jacobs boyfriend/Brazilian porn star Harry Louis had nasty spat with an airport Starbucks employee, prompting him to threaten the global coffee giant with a lawsuit.

As many a Queerty commenter pointed out, the idea of going after Starbucks for one comment from one employee in a Sao Paolo airport is just ludicrous.

That just blows me away. The images they show of Harry Louis are excellent. You don’t want to miss them. But unless I’m mistaken they’ve already decided the bottom line of his impending lawsuit before he even filed, based on the comment section…because they’re all qualified lawyers who get paid to do that.

You might think that’s nothing and I’m making too much of it. But I think we’re all in for problems in the future. I’ve seen several more significant cases being tried by the public through online commentary in the past few months and I’m starting to wonder if anyone has a chance anymore. Even those who are trying to help the people in litigation tend to make things worse. Sometimes no comment is the best comment.

Read more here.

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