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Happy Birthday Prince Harry

I pilfered these pics from the Huffington Post. But the Huffington Post called Prince Harry a “goof ball.” And I think that needs to be addressed somewhere.

As far as I’m concerned, the Huffington Post has no room to talk. As far as objective journalism goes, they suck. If I didn’t have an AOL e-mail account, I’d drop AOL completely. And I personally think most of their journalists are goof balls who don’t have a clue as to what real journalism is.

When I see images of Prince Harry I see a guy who looks like he likes to have fun. I see a guy living in a fish bowl he didn’t choose to live in. I don’t see a goof ball, not by any means. And I hope he has a lot of extra fun on his birthday, and I hope someone gives him an extra nice birthday present he’ll never forget.

Today is a Special Birthday…

Today is my buddy Ryan’s birthday. He blogs regularly over at, and he’s been a huge supporter of I’ve known him for about four years. I started out as a curious fan, and then fell in love with his blog and all of his posts. I’ve interviewed him and I’ve followed his life. And I’ve watched him grow better and stronger each year. He is what blogging is supposed to be about, and he puts me to shame in this respect. He’s also a really nice, smart, decent guy with a strong voice and a sense of humor that doesn’t stop. He makes me laugh, too, which if you knew me, isn’t easy to do.
He’s like a brother and a friend combined. and if I knew how to bake a cake, I’d make one for him.

So, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Ryan. I can’t be there in person today, but I can be there in spirit. I can’t cook to save my life, but I can shop for a good bakery on the web.