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Oyster E-Book Shares; Hachette Blames Amazon; Hachette Supports Gays

Oyster E-Book Shares

I like when I post about something new and months later it prospers. No one is ever sure when they talk about these things at first, in writing, and sometimes it takes time to see something nurture and grow. Oyster is a web site for e-book sharing that’s been compared to Netflix for e-books. The monthly fee to be a member is less than what many are charging for e-books to purchase. From my post last September:

There’s something new coming for people who can’t get enough e-books that’s going to be like Netflix is for movies. Those who are honest and don’t pirate books and movies will love this. With the leveling off of e-book sales, people who read e-books are now being called “heavy readers” compared to those who still read print books. According to this piece, the average person who reads e-books reads 24 books a year in comparison to the average person who reads print books, which is around 15 books a year.

And here’s the most recent news on Oyster. They now have over 500,000 titles.

This is huge growth for the company’s catalog which counted only about 100,000 titles a few months back. The company raised $14 million in funding back in January and has since been expanding its publisher partnerships. The service launched kids books in February.

The service allows users access to its entire collection of books for a $9.95 a month subscription fee.

You can read more here.

Hachette Blames Amazon

Big book publisher, Hachette, is claiming that Amazon is delaying shipment of their books. Amazon is allegedly doing this by stating Hachette books won’t be available for one or two weeks.

A Hachette spokeswoman said on Thursday that the publisher was striving to keep Amazon supplied but that the Internet giant was delaying shipments “for reasons of their own.” Hachette is one of the largest New York houses, publishing under the Little, Brown and Grand Central imprints, among many others.
The affected books are a mixture of new and old. A just-published memoir, “Everybody’s Got Something,” by the “Good Morning America” anchor Robin Roberts, is taking as long as three weeks to ship, customers were told. So is Stephen Colbert’s “America Again: Re-becoming the Greatness We Never Weren’t.”
You can read more here.
I only buy and read in digital now so I don’t have a clue. But the article is interesting and shows how contentious things are getting.
Side note to readers: You do all know that you can shop for books in other places. I know, you love Amazon because they’re so nice to you. You love them because they are so easy. You love them because your family and you next door neighbor loves them. But Smashwords will be nice and easy, will be just as nice and even easier, and publisher web sites will bend over backwards and do backflips to make you happy if you purchase books directly from them. The Internet is a large place and I think it’s nice to help Amazon out because they’re such nice kind people who only care about making others happy with all their billions, but it’s also nice to spread the prosperity around a little so no one ever becomes so large they can own you, own authors with dubious ranks and reviews, and intimidate the world at large.
Hachette Supports Gays
In more news about publisher, Hachette, the employees have released a highly moving video covering the topic, It Gets Better, in support of LGBTI people in a way I’ve never seen any publisher do before. All publishers, at least all big publishers, are pro-gay from what I’ve always known, but this is really moving.
The ‘It Gets Better’ Project was founded in September 2010 by columnist and author Dan Savage and his husband Terry Miller, “to show young LGBT people the levels of happiness, potential, and positivity their lives will reach.” Since then, more than 50,000 user-submitted videos have been made by individuals and companies, to share their heartfelt messages of experience, hope and tolerance.
I haven’t been following this as much as I should be, but I’m going to rectify that now. I know they are gearing this toward young LGBTI people, but I wonder if they realize how many grown up LGBTI people will love this, too. And be moved by it.
You can read more here, with the video.
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