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Gay Christmas "Stuff"

If you’re like me, you have trouble figuring out what to buy people for the holidays and you’re not sure where to shop for interesting things you know people don’t have. So I found a few web sites I liked visiting this season, where you can find all things LGBT…or things LGBT people would like to find.

Gay Pride Christmas

 Here’s this years Christmas Catalog. Some items are currently in short supply, but we expect to have full quantities well before the holidays. We’re adding many new items this year, so don’t forget to check back.

Gay Christmas Ornaments…looks interesting, but haven’t actually shopped there yet.

Christmas Central

A campy gay and lesbian pride page. Looks like fun.

Gay Stickers

There’s a wide range of small ticket items here. Good for house gifts and so much better than a boring bottle of wine. We all have wine.


This is a higher end site, and no gay man worth his weight in diamonds will ever dislike something purchased at Gumps. It’s not gay specific, but if you’re trying to impress someone gay, you can’t go wrong. And if the gay person you’re trying to impress has never heard of Gumps, you might want to rethink that relationship (smile).

Hammacher Schlemmer

Again, high end and not budget oriented. But if you are trying to impress, you can’t go wrong here either. They have little things, too, like iPhone and iPad accessories that men and women love. It’s not gay specific, but where else can you get a pirate ship playhouse, or a Cold War Doppelfernrohr?