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I’m Guest Blogging at "Oh Get A Grip"

I wrote a guest post today over at “Oh Get A Grip!”

It’s about m/m erotic romance, women who write m/m erotic romance, and a comment I read where someone didn’t think there was enough “emotion” in erotic romance in general these days.

Of course most people know where I stand when it comes to women writing m/m erotic romance, and I had a few things to say about the “emotion” I’ve found in reading other m/m erotic romances.

I’m not sure how long the post will be up. But if you’re interested, you can check it out here.

Guest Blogging, E-publishing, and Facebook Manners

I’ve been amazed by the lack of understanding when it comes to e-publishing. So I’m guest blogging today over at Rebecca Leigh’s with a follow up to a post I wrote last week. The link is here, and check out Rebecca’s list while you’re there. She’s been in a few excellent anthologies and she’s an upcoming author with a lot of promise.

The second part of this post is about facebook manners. I have two facebook accounts: one for work related publishing posts, and another for personal family oriented posts. I try not to combine the two because I don’t think readers are interested in my Aunt Bessie’s pot roast, and I know for a fact Aunt Bessie isn’t interested in steamy m/m romances (smile).

Though my experiences on facebook and all the social networks have been positive, there’s always that one “friend” who doesn’t know where to draw the line. I have a lot of patience; I’ll go the extra mile and give the benefit of the doubt. But when it becomes abusive comments, I won’t think twice about blocking a facebook friend from my account.

It happened this week. A book reviewer who has been kind to me with reviews started posting unusual comments on all of my posts. At first, I thought this facebook friend was just being campy and sarcastic. But it started getting obnoxious, to the point where I was embarrassed for him (Where is this coming from?). But I didn’t say anything. I tried to be polite. And then last night I “shared” a post with an author I know fairly well. It was one of those harmless facebook posts that authors do to promote their books to readers all the time. It wasn’t one of my books, but I’d read this one and wanted to help the author promote it. Within ten minutes this book reviewer/facebook friend started posting obnoxious comments on the thread and I was forced to delete them, and then block this person from my facebook page.

I hated doing it, but there’s a line that shouldn’t be crossed…even when it comes to camp and sarcasm. If I get backlash from this and I start seeing bad book reviews from this reviewer, I’ll live. Because submitting to this kind of obnoxious behavior on facebook or anywhere else just isn’t worth it.