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Grindr Hook Ups In Cuba; So-Called Bisexual Menage Doesn’t End Well; Skinny Gay Body Shaming

Grindr Hook Ups In Cuba

I never thought about this until now.

Luis Gallo is a radio producer, artist, and journalist based in Bogotá and New York. He recently traveled to Cuba. In a fascinating new article published by Slate, he talks about cruising, or more specifically “Grindr-ing,” in the capital city of Havana.

“Most of the cruising in Havana still goes on at nightclubs, public parks, and the Malecón,” Gallo writes. 

Here’s the rest. It’s a fairly accurate piece with respect to gay culture in general. And some of the photos are excellent.

So-Called “Bisexual” Menage Doesn’t End Well

This is one of those disturbing pieces that I hope makes people more cautious. Aside from that, in the comments a few people point out this may or may not have been a bisexual encounter. It’s a 3-way with two men and one woman, but that doesn’t mean it’s bisexual.

20-year-old New Yorker Manos Ikonomidis was brutally murdered after partaking in a bisexual threesome with a 21-year-old man and woman.

The attack happened in Brooklyn and involved an aluminum baseball bat and knives. According to police sources, the violence began after one of the participants, presumably Ikonomidis, began filming the encounter against the woman’s wishes.

There are more details here.  The comments are worth checking out.

Skinny Gay Body Shaming

Here’s an interesting piece about body shaming that involves skinny guys instead of overweight guys. It’s hard to actually title this because I see body shaming everywhere I go these days online, not only in the gay community, and more often than not it comes from the very same people who scream for tolerance.

“Sometimes when I look in the mirror, I see this skinny runt covered in tattoos and piercings with very little muscle,” he writes. “Narrow wrists and ankles, thin body and, when I lift my arms, I can see my ribcage sometimes. My brother calls me things like pipe cleaner, snowflake and magic wand.” 

You can check this out here.  The comments are typical. There’s a flame war between who has it harder, the skinny guys or the overweight guys.

All I know is don’t body shame. Just don’t do it.

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