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Greg Louganis on Sochi; Hawaii Stops Marriage Challenge

Greg Louganis on Sochi

As we get closer to the Olympics in Russia, more LGBTI people with platforms and voices have been speaking up in various forms. In this case it’s Greg Louganis. Even though Louganis has been openly against a boycott, he has been vocal about having the games in a place that’s so anti-gay they create laws to legally discriminate gays. It’s hard to phrase that any other way. In most places it is against the law to discriminate, but in Russia laws have been created to make hate legal.

‘In some ways, it’s rather disappointing that Russia was actually chosen as a host country,’ Louganis told HuffPost Live this week.

Louganis, winner of four gold medals and a silver medal at three different Olympics, called the period leading up to the Olympics ‘an exciting time.’

I find nothing exciting about it, not when LGBTI people are being treated that way in Russia. I’m still for a full boycott. And I don’t always believe boycotts are effective or send the right signals. In this case, total dismissal is really needed more than anything. I don’t feel that it’s rather disappointing. I think it’s a damn crime.

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Hawaii Stops Marriage Challenge

A Republican lawmaker against gay marriage in Hawaii, Bob McDermott, tried to challenge same sex marriage and Judge Karl Sakamoto threw it out ruled that Hawaii’s marriage equality act is constitutional on all levels.

Following lengthy sessions, the bill was passed by the state Legislature and signed into law by Gov. Neil Abercrombie in November; and took effect in December. More than 670 same-sex couples have been married and another 230 have requested licenses.

This is one reason why it’s so important to make sure the laws passed are solid enough to keep people like McDermott from challenging them. Sometimes the ruling of one judge can make all the difference in the world to something as important as same sex marriage. It just can’t be rushed.

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