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Great Male Undies; Book Covers Alive; LGBT Home For Seniors

Book Covers Alive

This turned out to be something very different than I thought it would be. At first, I thought it might be related to digital books, where book covers come a live in an animated, digital way. Not so. They are animated to a certain extent, but with real live people.

BOOKS WITH BODIES. Just take a book and hold it in front of your body.
Corpus Libris was created by Emily Pullen on a boring Thursday night
at Skylight Books in Los Angeles in 2008.

Side note: I’ve also read four books on that list. In One Person by John Irving was probably the best novel I’ve ever read that covers the topic of AIDS during the height of the AIDS epidemic. It won a Lambda that year.

You can view all the book covers here.

Great Male Undies

The name of the web site is actually This isn’t pop culture related or even book related, however, it’s a damn great web site for men’s underwear that’s been discounted to prices I’ve never seen so low. And for brand names I’ve paid far more for in other catalogues or retail stores.

There’s a section for women, too. Plus, a few erotic items that aren’t too over the top.

You can find the main page here.   I’m ordering several pair.

LGBT Home for Seniors

I posted about this same LGBTI housing space for LGBTI seniors in Philadelphia back in 2011 and figured I would follow up on it. At the time when I posted this, things were a little different all the way around for LGBTI people and I had a slightly different thought process. We’ve come a long way since 2011.

From my post:

Either way, it’s nice to see something like this happening, and in a place not too far from where I live. I’ve seen many LGBT seniors placed in facilities that weren’t LGBT friendly, and it was like putting them in prison.

I still think this type of segregated housing is a good thing for many seniors in the LGBTI community because they’ve spent their entire lives surrounded by gay people, living in “gayborhoods.” They aren’t going to change at this point. And this place in Philadelphia looks interesting.

But, as I pointed out in my post in 2011, someone on the comment thread I’m linking to said this about reverse discrimination:

The Advocate did a story on this last month when the apartments opened. They are LGBT friendly, not specifically for LGBT people. They can’t discriminate. It goes both ways.

It has to be “Gay Friendly,” not just “Gay.” And, rightly so.

In any event, while I do think there’s a market for this type of housing for aging LGBTI baby boomers, I don’t think this sort of thing…the concept…will last for future generations. I think the recent post I did about Outfest in Orlando, FL, that’s being marketed as a gay family event is a good example. There’s probably nothing more heteronormative than Disney World, and I think in time all LGBTI people will be retiring with everyone else. I’m already seeing a decline in the whole “gayborhood” concept. Younger LGBTI people aren’t doing this anymore and I think we’re seeing the last generation of “gayborhood” as we’ve always known it.

Tony gets a little crazy with me on this topic. But I have no plans to EVER retire. I’ll just expire, thank you.

You can check out the article for LGBTI senior housing here.