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Julian Fantechi: Romance Cover Model

A few years ago I wrote a couple of posts about Julian Fantechi. I got to know him through a series of e-mail exchanges regarding a promotion he was doing.

In short, he’s a great guy who works hard at what he does, doesn’t have a hint of attitude, and has that rare combination of looks and brains. I’ve always wanted (dreamed) him on the cover of one of my books. I don’t mean this in a sexual way either. I would actually prefer to have him dressed the way he is in the photo above. I think readers love him and he adds another dimension of fantasy and escapism to romance novels in general. But publishers decide these things and I don’t have any say in the matter. But if I were to self-publish, finding out what it would take to get Julian on the cover of my book would be one of my top priorities (don’t know if he’d be interested or not, and I assume his calendar is booked way in advance…it’s a dream).

Here’s Julian’s official bio on Wiki. Here’s a link to where you check check out his videos. I’ve seen them and liked them. He also has a fan page on FB, right here.

Here’s an older interview with Julian, but I think his personality comes through loud and clear. And, this is another good interview, here.

I can’t find a web site for him. But his latest project is a commercial for CoxBiz-Midway. Here’s the youtube video. If you check out the FB link it will lead to other online information about Julian. I just thought it would be nice to post about him today and revisit a few of my own favorite posts I’ve written since I started blogging.