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Someone pointed me toward what seems to be a new set of guidelines for reviews. At least I think they are new. But I’m not sure about that.

Bascially, from what I can see the guidelines aren’t that strict and they follow what appears to be a decent standard of ethics.

I haven’t seen any previous guidelines anywhere else so I have nothing to compare and no comments to make. I’ve always tried to be honest with the reviews I write on goodreads. I’ll be posting one about John Irving’s book soon, and then one about Joel Stein’s new book…both I loved.

If you are interested, you can get there from here and read the review guidelines yourselves.

Nice Review For TOUCHDOWNS

I was adding friend requests to my account tonight and noticed this review for TOUCHDOWNS and I wanted to share. The review has been taken verbatim from goodreads and can be viewed there as well. And when I was searching for the link, I saw the same review on amazon too.

As a side note, I’d like to add that my story in this book is actually a lost chapter from THE VIRGIN BILLIONAIRE SERIES, about Cory Rhodes and what his life is like away from Luis, Jase, and Cider Mill Farm. I wrote it in a day, and enjoyed building upon Cory’s character.

I love anthologies – there is always something for everyone and it’s a great way to sample new authors without buying into a full-length novel. This anthology has the kind of variety that I enjoy – humor, emotion, varied settings, and lots of yummy sex.

Hall of Famer by Bradley Church is a sexy and ultimately sweet look back over a long love.

The Mascot and Captain by Garland is a hilariously hot scene between the title’s namesakes.

The Absence of Shame by Ryan Field combines his trademark erotic prose with a story of friendship turning into something more.

Giving him Fitz by Suleikah Snyder is an unexpected, laugh-out-loud caper between a pro player and his image consultant.

Reunion Game by Rebecca Leigh makes sure that his reunion is worth putting up with bad punch in the school gymnasium.

Halftime Entertainment by Kyell Gold is an erotic race against the clock for two players who take teamwork to a whole new level.

After Party by Ellis Carrington combines humor and hot sex in a tale of new beginnings after the game is over.My only complaint is that the novellas were too short – I didn’t want to leave these characters!