Goodreads 25 Million; Ken Doll Porn; Cher Marks Her Territory

Goodreads 25 Million

According to this article in galleycat,, a social network for readers, authors, publishers and anything book related, topped 25 million users this past year.

Amazon’s social reading platform Goodreads now has 25 million members, almost double the number of members that it had at this time last year.

I think this is interesting for several reasons. One, there was a firestorm over book reviews and alleged bullying over the past year and a half at goodreads and I followed it haphazardly out of curiosity. Some didn’t like what goodreads did and vowed to delete their accounts and never return. I don’t go there often so I don’t know the details. Evidently, this drama had a minor impact on goodreads or Amazon and whatever happened there didn’t seem to affect the millions of people who are just beginning to really take the Internet seriously. Many of us who have been working and blogging and interacting online for the past ten years often take for granted that everyone is just like us. But if you go into a supermarket anywhere in the US and you question people about goodreads most still won’t know what you’re talking about and I would bet none would know there was even a discussion about book reviews, bullying, and goodreads. I’m not trying to diminish either side of the argument. I’m just being realistic.

Second, I’d like to know how they gather this information about 25 millions users. Is it 25 million individual users? Or is it based upon a quarter of that amount with most users signing up with multiple accounts and fake identities? C’mon. Like that doesn’t happen? Ha!! Something doesn’t make sense to me. And if it doesn’t make sense the odds are it’s questionable.

You can read more hype here. I have nothing against goodreads. I just don’t have the time I wish I had to go there and actively participate as much as I’d like to. The few times I’ve been in book give-aways there it’s always bothered me that the US members are usually the only readers who are able to participate. Why can’t it be global? I do global give-aways here whenever I do a blog hop.

 Ken Doll Porn

The other day I reviewed the film, Don Jon, and mentioned in the review how the main character’s girlfriend went BERserk when she caught him watching porn. So when I saw this link and watched how the main character’s girlfriend in this clip reacted to him having sex with a Ken doll it reminded me of Don Jon. It could almost parody Don Jon.

Cannot stop laughing!  tipped us off to this masterpiece. This dude is one of the sexiest men we have laid our eyes on in a long time! Humor turns up the sexy factor big time.

I wonder if Joseph Gordon-Levitt saw this.

You can view it here.

Cher Marks Her Territory

I often think there must be something missing in my gay genes, because I’ve never been part of the gay male fandom with entertainers like Cher, Streisand, Garland, or even Madonna. I like them all, don’t get me wrong. I respect them all, too. But I would rather stand in line for Mumford & Sons than any of them.

Evidently, Cher isn’t too happy with the way the media makes Lady Gaga out to be a young “Cher” or a young “Madonna.” So Cher made this statement:

“You can’t be the young anybody else. That’s why Gaga is Gaga and Madonna is Madonna. All these people are themselves. You can’t be the young anybody… There is no young me. If you get to be that, if you get to a certain level, you have to be the young you … Until I’m dead. Maybe when I’m dead, someone will go, ‘Oh that’s the young Cher.’”

I get that. I like Cher even more now. I was once compared to another gay author and it didn’t sit well with me either. But I also think it’s human nature for people to do this and I’m not that sensitive about it. I’ve been compared to much worse in my time, trust me.

You can check it out here.  

84 Distinct Works

A reader e-mailed me and asked how many books/stories I’ve had published.

I went blank. I honestly had no idea. I stopped counting a long time ago. I’m like that. If you ask me the name of a character in a book I wrote a year ago I have to go look it up. I think this is because I believe in looking forward, not backward.

But I wanted to answer the reader, so I checked out and sure enough, they have a round about figure. According the them, I have “84 distinct works.” I think there are more published works, but those works would go back to pre-computer days when I first started out. There are also tons of magazine pieces I’ve done, both in the US and in Europe. (I love working with magazines: they pay great flat fees, the editors are really cool, and you don’t have to put up with any bullshit.)

But here’s the link to if you’re curious. I hope the info there is correct. But then I didn’t do it so you can blame goodreads if it’s not correct (smile).

Catching Up With Goodreads Requests…

I just wanted to mention that I’m always in the process of catching up with requests from readers over at I may not do it daily. But I do get there at least once a week to check my friend requests and messages. Today there were about twenty-seven, so I wanted to post about it right now in case anyone wonders why it takes me so long to respond.

I’m also still figuring out how a lot of things on goodreads work. Up until four years ago, I was still submitting my manuscripts in hard copy to publishers by snail mail. I’m still getting used to certain social media sites. But I’m working on it all the time, especially when it comes to friend requests and personal messages over at goodreads. And if by chance I miss something on feel free to e-mail me at the address posted on this blog. I’m fast when it comes to e-mail.

Quora…How Does Goodreads Make Money…Otis Chandler, Founder of

I’ve already posted about Quora once this week, so I’ll keep this one short. In case you haven’t heard, Quora is a new question and answer information/social network, and I’m really enjoying it. Very simple to join and easy to navigate. You can add questions of your own or answer previously posted questions by others. You can also interact by leaving comments to answers.

You never know what you’re going to find. Like this morning I found out how makes money. It’s actually something I’ve always been curious about. And, you get to see what Otis Chandler, founder of, looks like…the photo above is what was posted at the comment on Quora, so if it isn’t really Otis (you never know on the web), not my fault.

How does Goodreads make money?

Otis Chandler, Founder of Goodreads
Founder of Goodreads Goodreads
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We are a media business, and make money primarily on advertising and affiliate revenue (a cut of book sales from major booksellers such as Amazon). We work with all major book publishers and many mid-majors to help them launch their books to our audience of book readers. We are really focused on the problem of helping authors… connect to readers – which is super important, especially as self-publishing and the internet are stripping away tradition book filters and ways people find books.