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Something I Believe…

I read and hear a lot about “good” writing. But the problem is that no one has ever come up with a set definition for good writing. And that’s because it’s all subjective. And it becomes even more subjective when you cross genres. Some people like cats, others like dogs. I love both.

I do believe you can spot inexperienced writing…too much dialogue, too many said bookisms, etc…but I wouldn’t necessarily call that bad writing. And I’ve never seen a writer yet you didn’t improve with time. Writing is like any other art form: the more you do the better it gets.

So the next time you hear someone tell you it’s all about “good” writing, stand back and smile. Because you know you’re listening to an idiot.

About Author S.L. Danielson…

I’ve recently had the chance to read a few works by m/m romance author, S. L. Danielson. Here’s a link to one of her books on amazon, where you can check out her work for yourselves, and below is a blurb I wrote for her about a recent book, THE REFUGEES.

Whenever I come across a new author who inspires me with positive (and yet natural) ways of looking at lgbt life, without any of the old stereo-types or any pretense, I’m hooked. And that’s how it’s been with S. L. Danielson. And, her work is tight and well-structured, with few of the writing mistakes I often see in m/m romances that are sometimes bestsellers.

I’ve come to enjoy certain aspects of S.L Danielson’s work, which includes the way she treats family situations in her fiction, the way she freely refers to long term gay relationships as marriages, and the way she makes gay life look so effortless and yet complicated at certain times. It’s the kind of positive, well written escapism I love when I’m reading a romance. And The Refugees didn’t disappoint me. It’s is a structured inter-mingling of gay men and their relationships, with details about their careers, their lives, and their inner-most thoughts. It’s life. And I think it’s the kind of lgbt fiction that not only offers positive role models without working too hard to get the point across, but is also making it’s mark as an overall social statement in an ever-changing world. I read The Refugees in one sitting but I have a feeling the characters, especially David, are going to remain with me for a very long time.

This is for Everyone Who has Ever Written…

I know that a lot of people who read my blog are aspiring writers. People of all ages. I get e-mails all the time with questions about publishing and how to get an agent. So this post is for everyone who stops by here and has written something. It’s from Janet Reid’s agent blog, and I think it’s one of the best blog posts, for all writers, I’ve ever read.

If you’ve ever been frustrated about writing or getting published, please take the time to read this. I guarantee it will make you feel better.

Ravenous Romance and Escape to Romance Collection

Yesterday I finally got a chance to actually see the printed books in the Ravenous Romance Escape to Romance Collection that is being sold in I’d read the ebook from my blogging buddy, Malia Sutton, titled LOVING DAYLIGHT, but I hadn’t read any of the other books in the collection.

I suspected they were all good books, but frankly, I had no idea that they were all fantastic books. I’m not just saying this either. If I didn’t like them, I wouldn’t be saying anything. I’ve been in plenty of short story collections over the years by traditional publishers and I haven’t always loved the finished books. Most of the time, I just don’t like the way the books were edited. So I just sit back and keep my mouth shut.

But this Escape to Romance Collection is absolutely wonderful. I’m a “first page believer.” In other words, I always know by the first page if a book is going to be something I want to continue reading. I base this just on the writing alone. And in this collection, every first page was just as good as the other.
And, in LOVING DAYLIGHT, there is something for dedicated LGBT readers, too. There are two gay male characters in the book that crossover into the mainstream very well. And I like to see this.