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If you’re on facebook, please take a quick stop at the fan page. It’s a new fan page and I’m helping spread the word. And I’m not just spreading the word because I’m an author who has books published with them, or that I’ve been with them for almost seven years now. (I’ve never published with Silver Publishing but I would do it for them as well.)

I can say, without a hint of hesitation, that this one publisher has treated me and all their authors with absolute respect, honest concern, and a genuine sense of support. I’ve never experienced anything like it before. I doubt I will again.

When I open my yahoo account and look at the inbox, not a day goes by where I don’t see something nice from someone at loveyoudivine or someone who is affiliated with them. The overall atmosphere is positive because we all trust them. The yahoo group is supportive when authors are going through both personal problems and professional issues. It’s a place to connect and get to know each other better. And that’s because this is the overall concept behind the entire publishing company.

I could ramble on, but I won’t. I just wanted to share my own quick personal experiences with them because I don’t see that often on the Internet anywhere. And that’s because I’ve worked with enough publishers to know that it doesn’t happen often.