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With Guys, It’s All About the Legs…

I don’t share photos on this blog often. But when I see one that I think “shows” one of the things that I think makes a man attractive I don’t mind sharing.

And guys with great legs always get my attention. I’ve written about it, and I actually have to focus hard when I’m writing fiction not to say it too often.

I’m not talking about smooth manscaped legs, or soft silky legs. I’m talking about the legs of a man, with a little hair, a few muscles, and good symetry. George Clooney has great legs. Leonardo DiCaprio…meh.

And there’s something about a guy with slightly bowed legs. The guy in the photo above is a perfect example.

I also prefer photos that aren’t nudes most of the time. If done well, I love nudes just as much as the next person. But I really do prefer photos like the one above. It leaves something to the imgagination, which we don’t get to use too often these days.