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Melissa Jenna’s Good Christian View on Fifty Shades of Grey…

When I saw this post by blogger, Melissa Jenna, I thought I’d link to it. Given that I’ve been writing an essay for a book about 50 Shades to be released this fall, and given the fact that I’m about to do something interesting with my next release that hasn’t been done before with erotic romance, I found Melissa’s POV more than interesting. I tend to look at things from a publishing POV and I forget that others don’t sometimes.

What I find interesting is that I can find it simple to respect and honor opinions like this with regard to the good Christian bloggers, and yet I rarely find that same respect in return from the good Christian bloggers who rant about books like 50 Shades and movies like Magic Mike.

It’s an interesting concept. The author of erotic romance and erotic fiction doesn’t mind when a good Christian bashes erotica, but the good Christian thinks nothing of bashing the erotica and the erotica author…and reader. In the quote below she talks about 50 Shades and Magic Mike.

Christian women need to reject both of these works, and instead, use our voices in support of what is good, right and true. It is our responsibility, as daughters of the Heavenly King, to remain set-apart from the poisons of our culture, to rebuke temptation, and to celebrate and honor righteousness.

One of the 1800 people who commented on the post said this about 50 Shades:

I understand what you are saying here, but the books could have gotten the same point across without going into such graphic detail.

I don’t have a problem with that. I agree books can be written in different ways to get different points across. I’m not going to bash Melissa Jenna for expressing her beliefs and views. I don’t agree with them, but I respect them. And what I’m going to do with my next release, which I will talk about in detail next week, should be something that calms her down a little and keeps her free from the “poisons of our culture,” like erotic romance, Magic Mike, and all that other sinful stuff. It does have a lot to do with getting “the same point across without going into such graphic detail.”