Category: Going Gay Because No Sex From Wife; Fundraiser: A Liver To Live; Tackling Gay Anti-Asian Racism

He’s Going Gay Because No Sex From Wife; Fundraiser: A Liver To Live; Tackling Gay Anti-Asian Racism

He’s Going Gay Because No Sex From Wife

When you read things like this, I hope you all know that it’s not supposed to be taken seriously. At least I hope it’s not.

It’s actually one of those advice letter things, where this straight guy who’s been married for a long time talks about how he’s not getting sex from his wife so he’s looking for it from older gay men.

He continues: “Lately I’ve taken to fantasizing about sex with anyone (male/ female/group) and have registered on a few sites that facilitate gay/bi/group profiles.”
“I’ve found that I have a growing fascination with older males. I feel myself drawn more to wanting to engage in sexual activity of this nature.”
Fundraiser: A Liver To Live
This is a great deal more serious than the link above. In fact, this is about as serious as it gets. A friend I’ve been following on social media for a long time asked me to share this. I think it’s a good cause, so I’m sharing. 
Just recently, Dawn went to the doctor for a nagging cough and slightly swollen feet and left the appointment in shock and with prescriptions for heavy antibiotics. “We don’t know the cause,” they said, “but your liver is shutting down.”  Once admitted to the hospital and after a myriad of test and a liver biopsy, our fears were confirmed. Dawn is now being transferred to the Mayo Clinic and will be placed on the list for a liver transplant. The cause – viral, bacterial, environmental or autoimmune – we still don’t know.  What we do know, is that she needs a new liver. Quite frankly, she needs a liver to live. 
You can read the rest here, and you can donate, too.
Tackling Gay Anti-Asian Racism
This has been an ongoing issue in the gay community for a while now, and it doesn’t seem to be getting any better. Sometimes it causes an explosion on comment threads. 
There’s a web series I haven’t seen yet titled, I’m Fine, where the story line revolves around gay men living in Los Angeles. This week they got into the subject of anti-Asian racism. I’ve seen this kind of racism myself many times.  
“Brandon and I got to talking about where Jeff’s story was heading,” Doud explains. “I told him I really wanted to address Jeff’s/my race.”
“I’m half Chinese and half Caucasian, and not only are Asian-Americans wildly underrepresented in film and TV but I also believe Asian-American men are desexualized in media.”
Here’s more. LGBTQ people, in general, are underrepresented in film, TV, AND books. And when the are mentioned they are usually misrepresented and appropriated. It’s an interesting article, and looks like an interesting TV show.  
Kendle’s Fire

A PG Rated Gay Romance

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