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Going Dark Today

I’m going dark today, in theory, to protest Internet censorship and the people who don’t understand the Internet. I’ve read about SOPA and what it could mean. If this becomes law, web sites could be taken down instantly, without question, for posting something as simple as a photo. In other words, we won’t be considered innocent until proven guilty.

Let me also put it this way:

I’ve experienced this on facebook already. My account was taken down because someone didn’t like what I posted and “reported” me. And it was nothing lewd or adult oriented. I keep my facebook updates G rated like I keep this blog. The reason was lgbt general content. Of course I appealed and facebook restored my account. I don’t think facebook is anti-gay. I just think they like control. But it’s not a great feeling to know that they have this much control. And it will feel even worse if the entire Internet is controlled in this manner.

So I’m going dark until 8 tonight.

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