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Another Agent Going Digital: Nelson Literary Agency

Last July I wrote a post titled, Are Literary Agents Going Country? Basically, it was about how literary agents are not only embracing digital books now, but how they are actively getting involved in digital publishing themselves.

And now the Nelson Literary Agency just made this announcement. They call it evolving. Sounds to me more like another one went country.

I have no strong comments to offer. It’s an honest post.

I don’t even have a huge opinion to offer. I believe authors need to take responsibility for themselves and make their own decisions. But I do know this: if you are an author and you want to get a back listed book out in digital format, or you are an author and you want to self-publish a digital book, you don’t need an agent to do this for you. You can skip the fees and do it yourself.

In fact, I have a very good friend who has been self-publishing his own books on Amazon. He used to be an editorial client and I had to stop editing his books because I didn’t have time. But I may start a series of blog posts about his experience in self-publishing through Amazon, and I won’t charge a dime for it…and I won’t ask you to sign anything so I can get a commission. I may even make this a top priority for this coming year. Evidently, a lot of authors don’t know much about self-publishing, including me.