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Anderson Cooper’s Father; Joan Rivers’ Death; Gay Lover Thrown From Window

Anderson Cooper’s Father

We all know that Anderson Cooper’s mother is Gloria Vanderbilt, but not much has ever been written about his father, Wyatt Cooper. I’ve seen photos and read a few things about him because I’ve read a few biographies about Vanderbilt. But nothing in-depth. I was curious. I went to Fairleigh Dickinson University, at the Florham Park campus, which during the gilded age had been the Florence Vanderbilt Twombly estate. There was an elderly woman in one of my classes, and this woman’s mother allegedly once worked on the estate, and the woman played with Gloria as a child.The name, Florham Park, is a combination of Florence Vanderbilt Twombly and Hamilton Mcknown Twombly.

In any event, Anderson Cooper is doing a special, Roots: Our Journey Home, where he had a chance to look into his ancestry on his father’s side, along with other CNN anchors. He claims he never felt very close to the Vanderbilt side of the family and wanted to know more about his father. 

Cooper traveled to where his father was born and raised, in Mississippi, visiting old cemeteries, discovering stories of his ancestors whom had fought in the Civil War. But it was at his dad’s high school in New Orleans, where he made an exciting discovery: A school employee handed Cooper a folder containing his father’s report card from 1944.

You can read more here. The show airs on Monday, at 9:00, ET.

Joan Rivers’ Death

I’ve been following this story because I find the medical details so amazing. My own mom had the same procedure Rivers had several times this year and during one of them last July she had a heart attack. Thankfully, my mom was in Sloan Kettering in New York, only blocks away from where Rivers had her procedure done in a clinic instead of a hospital, and my mom was much luckier than Rivers because my mom was in a large hospital that was prepared for anything. We took her to Sloan because it was the best there was and we didn’t want to take any chances or assume anything. 

Joan Rivers died from a lack of oxygen to her brain during a medical procedure last month to deal with changes to her voice as well as problems with acid reflex.
A report released today by the New York City Office of Chief Medical Examiner revealed that the 81-year-old entertainer sedated with Propofol during the procedure and determined what happened to be a ‘therapeutic complication.’
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In any event, the New York medical examiner ruled that Rivers’ death was a result of “therapeutic complications.” In other words, during any “simple procedure” anything can happen, especially with an older patient.

“The classification of a death as a therapeutic complication means that the death resulted from a predictable complication of medical therapy,” the report said.
Rivers, 81, died September 4, a week after an appointment at Manhattan’s Yorkville Endoscopy clinic.
The medical examiner’s investigation ruled that the cause of death was “anoxic encephalopathy due to hypoxic arrest,” a medical description of brain damage caused by a lack of oxygen.
You can read the rest here. The article, from CNN, goes into a lot more detail about why this happened. Rivers’ daughter, Melissa Rivers, also released a brief statement. 
Gay Lover Thrown From Window
This story involves a 60 year old married Indian man, and a 20 year old gay lover. The married 60 year old threw the gay 20 year old lover out a third story window, and the 20 year old died. All this allegedly happened during a lovers quarrel. With a 40 year age difference I’m not surprised…that they were quarreling. 
Police had been nearby at the time of the incident and heard a scream and the sound of the body hitting the ground and spotted a broken window on the third floor of a building above where the man had fallen from. 
The still unidentified 20-year-old was naked and when police entered the building they discovered V. Narsingh Rao, 60, in an office belonging to his lawyer.
You can read the rest here. The interesting thing about this is that they are charging Rao with murder, and, anti-sodomy thanks to an old anti-gay law that’s been around for a long time in India.
Police had been nearby at the time of the incident and heard a scream and the sound of the body hitting the ground and spotted a broken window on the third floor of a building above where the man had fallen from.
The still unidentified 20-year-old was naked and when police entered the building they discovered V. Narsingh Rao, 60, in an office belonging to his lawyer.
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Spreading HIV On Purpose; More Grindr Crimes; Anderson Cooper on Joan Rivers; Smashwords Ryan Field

Spreading HIV On Purpose

A few weeks ago I posted about a gay man who found out from friends on social media that the guy he was in love with and hoping to marry had intentionally infected him with the HIV virus. You can read more about that here. This gem of a guy had allegedly been spreading HIV to others as well and brags about it on social media.

His name is Miguel Guerra, and he also goes by Ashton Chavez. In California where this happened it’s considered a misdemeanor and a judge, in what sounds like a lame attempt to curb this guy’s habits, recently ordered him to stop using online hook up sites, especially Grindr. It’s also been alleged there are more victims to come forward. I guess the judge never heard of sockpuppets…or isn’t familiar with the extent of deceit online everywhere these days.

San Diego Superior Court Judge Dan Link approved Deputy City Attorney Taylor Garrott’s request that the judge orders Guerra to not use Internet dating sites as a condition of remaining free on bond after a request to increase bail from US$2,500 to US$50,000 was rejected.

You can read the rest of this article here. The comments are interesting, and slightly divided. My only comment is that if it can be proven Guerra intentionally infected other men with HIV, lock him up and throw away the key. You get charged with a misdemeanor for pissing on the sidewalk, not spreading a serious, life-changing illness.

I’m starting to think we need a new term for this sort of thing…like rape culture. Because in many respects HIV culture is a lot like it. The victim is blamed for having raw anal sex with someone who didn’t use a condom, even if he’s in a long term relationship with someone he thinks he can trust.

More Grindr Crimes

I also posted about this next article a few weeks ago, where two UK men lured and blackmailed unsuspecting men on Grindr. In fact, I’ve posted quite a bit about Grindr this year so far. You can find more with a simple search at the top of the blog.

In any event, the two creeps wound up getting four years in prison.

The victim had saved the money and drew it out from the bank to give to the men after they stayed all night in his home to ensure he paid up.

But when the other said he had no money, the two men told him he should crash his car into a store to get the cash – the victim was forced to go to the police.

You can read more here. The story is more involved, in the most frightening ways.

I wish I could be more encouraging about this, but I think that if you’re going to screw around on Grindr you should hope for the best and always be ready for the worst.

Anderson Cooper on Joan Rivers

Anderson Cooper recently commented that he wasn’t fond of Joan Rivers as a kid because she used his mom, Gloria Vanderbilt, as the focus of some of her most vicious jokes. You can’t blame him. It was his mom.

But as he grew older he changed a few of his opinions:

‘As an adult when I got to know her I came to actually like her and appreciate her,’ Cooper said.

We’re all thinking it. I know I am. What does Gloria Vanderbilt think about all this now? Elizabeth Taylor wasn’t too thrilled with Joan Rivers’ fat jokes, and Taylor spoke about that candidly after she lost a great deal of weight.  Here’s one article that dates back to 1983:

But Taylor seemed intent on finally getting back at the acid-tongued comedienne. While her escort-of-the-moment, Mexican lawyer Victor Gonzalez Luna Jr., and 1,100 well-manicured guests looked on, Taylor rose from her dais seat, planted ringless (for once) hands on her ample hips and continued, “Because I was going to say Joan Rivers, if you’re here, eat your hear-r-r-r-t out.” Touched

You can read more about Cooper here.

Rivers often crossed the line, but many people laughed even more whenever she did that because it was always so true. Never a lie. The one thing I don’t think anyone has mentioned so far since her death is that she was a brilliant woman. I’m not talking about comedy. I’m talking about her intellect, her knowledge. And I think the hardest part for her must have been these changing times where everyone’s become so PC…or maybe it was easy for her? You make a joke or comment about a big fat ass anywhere nowadays and you’re branded a hater for life. Or, you’re destined to post images of fluffy kittens for the next four years.

RIP, Joan. Even though you pissed a lot of us off at times, you made most of us laugh.

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