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My Backlisted Titles, For Those Who "Glom"

According to the free online dictionary, to “glom” means to: To steal, to seize; grab, or to look or stare at. It’s slang, and I think pronounced the same way you’d pronounce calm.

The reason I’m posting about the word glom is because I read an interesting article about whether or not people read one book by an author and then glom for others. Although I’d never heard the term used before, I do, in fact, glom. When I read one book I love I go back, almost obessed, and read every other book the author has ever written. I search them out and try to find out everything I can about them. If you check “My Books” on goodreads, you’ll see I just finished glomming Fannie Flagg.

I also read in this article that other readers glom author web sites to see what their backlisted books are. And I realized I don’t have a comprehensive list posted anywhere here on the blog. I’ve been thinking about doing a web site. But that’s still in the planning stages due to lack of time. So here’s a link to my amazon page where you can get a full list of most of my backlisted titles and a description.

You can also do a search right here on the blog for anything. I think I’ve always posted about a book when it’s been released. And if I didn’t, you can e-mail me.