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GLAAD Awards, Gay Marriage Fundraiser, The State of Marriage

GLAAD Awards, Gay Marriage Fundraiser, The State of Marriage

Tonight the GLAAD Awards are happening in LA, and you can sign up here to view it on a livestream. Among many of the people who will be there like Linda Bloodworth Thomason (Creator of TV show Designing Women), Jeff Kaufman who is producing Vermont: The State of Marriage will also be there tonight. The documentary he’s making about gay marriage is hugely important to the LGBT community. And it needs all the support it can get. There’s a fundraiser over at Indiegogo right now and you can donate as little as five dollars to help the cause. I know how important this is to all those who read and write m/m romance. I hear from people in the genre all the time. This fundraiser is one way to participate if you don’t have the time to do anything else to help gay marriage move forward. It’s still not legal in most states in the US. And couples like Tony and me who live in states like Pennsylvania are not recognized where we live even though we are legally married in other states. Documentaries like this one help promote the cause. But it takes funding, too, and that’s the hardest part. I can personally tell you because Tony and I are in the documentary that it is all legitimate and Jeff Kaufman has many excellent film credits behind his name. Most of all, you’ll be contributing in your own way to something historical, and on the right side of history. Sometimes all it takes if five dollars to help change the world.

You can also check out the link above to see who else will be at the GLAAD Awards.

And here’s a link to donate to The State of Marriage at Indiegogo. Tony and I are at the very end of the clip exchanging wedding rings at the actual (not a fake) ceremony in Vermont this past January.

Those who follow me on this blog and read my books, know I rarely ask people to donate to anything. I recently mentioned a campaign to help authors TJ Klune and Eric Arvin because they were going through a huge medical crisis and hospital costs were adding up. The response was amazing. The support was heartfelt. So this is only the second time I’ve asked people to donate to anything, and only because I feel it’s so important.