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James Baldwin Very Gay Author, and "I Am Not Your Negro"; The Milo Yiannopoulos Berkeley Speech; Rob Mallard From Coronation Street Is Gay

James Baldwin Very Gay Author, and “I Am Not Your Negro”

I’ve posted about James Baldwin as the author of one of my favorite books of all time, Giovanni’s Room, several times over the years. He’s a huge part of gay culture.

Now there’s a new documentary out about James Baldwin titled, I Am Not Your Negro, and I can’t help but wonder if they are trying to play down the fact that he was gay. Or maybe they don’t think it’s important enough to mention, with respect to gay culture. Very few mainstream articles and reviews even mention that he was gay.

In any event, I went all over the Internet to find this article in The Advocate that actually does mention the fact that Baldwin was gay. And, it’s in the title.

James Baldwin (1924-1987) was prolific author and social critic. His works include novels (“Another Country” and “Giovanni’s Room”), poems, plays (“The Amen Corner”) and essays (“The Fire Next Time,” “The Devil Finds Work” and “Notes of a Native Son”). He was also a passionate and eloquent public speaker, appearing frequently on televised debates and on talk shows like “The Dick Cavett Show.”

“He was probably one of the biggest authors of his generation, black or white” Peck says. “He was an important witness to the Civil Rights movement. He was gay. He was an intellectual. He had an immense celebrity. He was friends with people like Marlon Brando, Sidney Poitier, Lena Horne and Nina Simone.”

You can read the rest here. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing it for many reasons, and one of those reasons has to do with the fact that Baldwin is a huge part of gay culture and that he influenced millions of gay readers.

The Milo Yiannopoulos Berkeley Speech

Here’s a part of recent gay culture that I’m tempted to ignore, but won’t. It’s happening right now, and it’s news. Please forgive me if I spell his name wrong sometimes.

This article is all about what happened at Berkeley, and Milo. I’d rather not go into detail. I’m just not personally fond of pundits who exploit for attention or personal gain, gay or straight.

32-year-old Yiannopoulos goes to great lengths to brand himself as a sort of “free-speech fundamentalist” locked in fierce battle with “political correctness.”

On Facebook, he touts himself as “the most fabulous supervillain on the Internet.”

You can can read more about this here. I think the discussion in the comment section is as interesting as anything I’ve seen so far. You’ll want to check that out, too.

Rob Mallard From Coronation Street Is Gay

It seems another male celebrity, Rob Mallard, recently came out as gay. I’m not playing that down either. I think it’s wonderful. Here’s part of what he said…

“I never planned to keep it quiet that I was gay. The only concern I had at first was if I’m with a female character, will an audience who knows I’m gay in real life believe it? But that was just my own fears because I do believe they will,” the 25-year-old actor said.

He’s adorable and it’s a great article, and you can find it here. And there’s a place where you can follow him on Twitter to show support. I just did.

New Release


Anti-Gay Display, Hate, Philadelphia Mummers; Colton Haynes Is Brilliant With This; Classic Gay Literature

Anti-Gay Display, Hate, Philadelphia Mummers

You know, there’s such a thing as being too PC, which I think everyone who reads this blog knows I can’t stand. And then there’s the opposite which is being an outright piece of shit bigot, which I can’t stand as much as being too PC. This report falls under the category of piece of shit bigot.

I purposely took this from an outside source and not from a Philadelphia news source because I want it to come from a more objective POV, and the Mummers parade in Philadelphia is a huge event most local media outlets might not want to offend. In other words, it’s being reported locally, but it’s being treated with great care. The recent gay Philly bashing story received a lot more coverage.

According to Philadelphia TV station WCAU, the 116th Annual Mummers Day Parade was led by a group of drag queens, symbolizing the folk tradition’s recent efforts to become more inclusive of marginalized groups, including people of color and LGBT residents. Historically populated by straight white people, the Mummers Day Parade has been referred to as “Philadelphia’s version of Mardi Gras,” according to the station. \

But during Friday’s parade, a gay man walking his family dog through Philadelphia’s City Center was allegedly punched in the face, after several assailants hurled antigay slurs at the man and his dog. John Holtz told he and a pair of friends were walking near Broad Street at approximately 2 p.m. Friday when they came across a group of Mummers, dressed in red, white, and blue, and with patriotic face paint. The 28-year-old chemist said the revelers appeared “very intoxicated” and were urinating in the alley. 

This is only one of two gay hate incidents that allegedly happened at this parade. The other one allegedly involved mocking Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner in a huge public display during the parade. They are calling this parody. There are photos and I saw a news clip on local Philadelphia news last night.

You can read more here.

What I find interesting is that it would be very simple to do a vicious, mocking parody of the idiotic Philadelphia Mummers parade itself. In fact, too easy. I would bet the people throwing gay slurs and doing gay parody that day only get out of their pajamas and sweat pants once a year to DO the Mummers parade.  

Colton Haynes Is Brilliant With This

I’m not even familiar with Colton Haynes and I already love this more than most things I’ve read lately. Evidently, someone on social media made a comment about his past gay life and he gave the most clever response ever.

In other words, it really shouldn’t matter anymore. And by him responding this way he’s setting the path for others to follow. And I think there are a lot more like him out there based on what I’ve seen on social media.

You can check this out here. 

Classic Gay Literature

I’ve had the “what is classic gay literature” discussion with friends before and we don’t always agree on everything, but we always agree on at least two books:

 Dancer From The Dance by Andrew Holleran

Giovanni’s Room by James Baldwin

James Baldwin’s 1956 magnum opus follows David, an American living in Paris, as he navigates through his homosexual desires and the frustrations that come with them, particularly his feelings for an Italian bartender named Giovanni. Years after its publication, Baldwin revealed that when he first turned in the manuscript to his publisher, they told him to burn it, warning him that the themes of homosexuality would alienate readers. Baldwin chose to publish it anyway and the book went on to be considered one of the best LGBTQ novels ever written.

You can read the rest of the books they consider classics, here. They look interesting and there are two I haven’t read yet.

I’d like to add one more: The Front Runner by Patricia Nell Warren. For me that is the ultimate gay classic. And, you can get it in digital (e-book) now on Amazon. I added it to my digital library over a year ago.  

When A Man Loves A Man

Glendora Hill Series

Library Without Books; Matt Bomer on American Horror; Justin Theroux’s Bulge; Hugh Howey’s Shitty Basket; Giovanni’s Room; Michael Sam Sacks Johnny Football;

Library Without Books

This past Sunday night Tony and I had dinner with two older gay couples, all of whom worked as professors in colleges. The topic turned to e-books at one point, and as usual, with this topic, I just kept my mouth shut and listened. I’ve learned to do that when I’m with people who don’t really know what they’re talking about. All of these former professors claimed that e-books were a passing trend and nothing could ever replace the print book. And I think this next article to which I’m linking about a Florida college that just opened a library with ONLY e-books validates the point that e-books are not going to disappear.

A fully digital library is among the futuristic features of Florida Polytechnic University’s striking dome-shaped building, designed by Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava.

“It’s a boldly relevant decision to go forward without books,” said Kathryn Miller, the university’s director of libraries.

It’s also interesting to note that they consider this a bold move…when many of us have been reading nothing but digital content for years now. But more than that, the article treats e-books as if they aren’t really books by claiming this is a library without books. Last I heard, e-books are just as much books as any print book.

You can read more here.

Matt Bomer on American Horror

I think I’ve already admitted I’m a huge fan of American Horror Story, and now the newest season where they’ll be concentrating on carny people titled, Freak show, will be even more enticing because Matt Bomer will be in it. Producer, Ryan Murphy, practically begged Bomer to do this.

 ‘I try to get him to do everything for me,’ Murphy tells Entertainment Weekly.

 ‘I sent him a text that said, ‘First right of refusal, here’s the role.’ Murphy, also the creator of Glee, has not revealed details of the role except to say:

‘It’s very…warped.’

It goes on to mention that Bomer will be in at least one episode. I want to know why Ryan Murphy isn’t begging Trevor Donovan to be in his TV shows, too. Donovan’s not gay, but he’s been a huge friend to the LGBTI community, he’s excellent at whatever he does, and he certainly would draw a few good ratings. But I digress.

You can read more about that here.

Justin Theroux’s Bulge

I will be the first to admit that I only started watching Leftovers because of the first few scenes with Justin Theroux. The man is gorgeous, every last fuzzy inch of him, including his bulge. But I’m glad I did continue to watch because the complicated plot keeps drawing you in more and more each week. You don’t always know where you are, or even where the story is going, but it all ties in eventually…for the most part. Best of all, you actually care about the characters. And…Amy Brenneman is in the show and I’ve always loved her.

In any event, Justin Theroux’s bulge can’t be ignored either. You don’t see them like that every day on TV.

But there is one thing the show definitely has going for it. Its star, Justin Theroux.

And more specifically, his crotch.

In last night’s episode we got backstory on many of the main players, but with Justin it was more like frontstory.

Justin Theroux’s part in this show is something I actually think m/m romance readers might enjoy. He’s the classic hero, the occasional bad boy, and the vulnerable good guy who cries when he’s faced with something ethical or moral. It really doesn’t get much better on TV these days. He really does own this character.

You can read more here, where they’ve put together a few images of Justin you’ll want to see.

Hugh Howey’s Shitty Basket

Now for something far less interesting than Justin Theroux, this next link is about Hugh Howey, eggs, and shitty baskets. I’m still not sure who died and who named Hugh Howey the spokesperson of publishing, but he certainly writes blog posts as if that’s who he is. I guess he doesn’t think there have been people around a long time before he came along. But you can’t blame a guy for being overly aggressive I guess, especially in this post titled, No More Shitty Baskets.

I’m not going to bother commenting on this link because I think it’s all pretty moot. The conclusions aren’t all that dramatic either. However, I do know that a lot of people who will be reading this might find it interesting. Especially those who are still thinking about self-publishing. Howey is a good example in that department…I think.

I just wish he’d lighten up on the metaphors and similes already.

I have no problem going all-in if a company is making decisions that I believe in and support. I can move my eggs with the press of a button. These calculations are vastly different when you own the rights to your eggs, and those eggs are digital.

After reading this one I had this weird craving for an Egg McMuffin. Here’s where you can read all this in full.

Giovanni’s Room

Remember when I posted about the oldest LGBTI book store in the US, Giovanni’s Room, in Philadelphia shuttering its doors last May because sales for print books have been down for a while? Well there’s been a recent announcement that the old space where the book store was will open as a thrift shop that will sell books, and all proceeds will go to raising money for AIDS.

Now, the nearly 9-year-old establishment will be preserving something much more significant – Giovanni’s Room, the iconic touchstone of the LGBT community and the country’s oldest LGBT bookstore. The organization has signed a two-year lease with the former Giovanni’s Room owner to open Philly AIDS Thrift store at Giovanni’s Room.

The store will have a soft opening in late September and open officially Oct. 10, in time for OutFest and National Coming Out Day. The iconic “Giovanni’s Room” signage will remain, the new leasers said.

“What can be more precious than Giovanni’s Room? What better thing to try and keep alive?” asked Christina Kallas-Saritsoglou, co-founder of the Philly AIDS Thrift and manager of the Queen Village store. She added that it was a “once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.”

I couldn’t be happier to hear this. Actually, for the first time ever, possibly, someone is trying to preserve a little fraction of LGBTI history and gay culture. We don’t really see this happen anywhere, not even in pop culture. In the US if George Washington didn’t sleep there it’s not considered significant.

You can read more here. I’ll post photos in the fall after it’s opened.

Michael Sam Sacks Johnny Football

I’m not the biggest footfall fan, so I’m not even going to try to comment on this one. All I can say is that I don’t think they’re talking about anything dirty when they say Michael Sam “sacks” Johnny Football…whoever he may be. I’m gathering this is a football term….”sack.” And, Michael Sam did it to him.

‘If you’re going to sack Johnny, you’ve got to do that once,’ Sam said, as reported by ESPN.

The quarterback’s nickname is ‘Johnny Football.’

‘He’s a talented kid,’  Sam said to ESPN. ‘He isn’t called Johnny Football for nothing. It was fun getting to play against Manziel in an NFL game. I sacked him as both a junior and senior at Missouri.’

You can read more here. I just like reading about football players, especially when they’re sacking each other.


The Sheriff and the Outlaw
by Ryan Field 

New Gay Show on NBC; Don’t Tell Mama Closes; Giovanni’s Room Saying So Long

New Gay Show on NBC

NBC has a new TV show coming out titled, The Night Shift, starring Luke MacFarlane and Brendon Fehr, where they play closeted gay lovers. Fehr will play the closeted ex-soldier who served in Afghanistan who is now a doctor in the US.

Even more interesting? His character’s boyfriend is still fighting in Afghanistan and is on his way home–and he’s played by openly gay Brothers & Sisters star Luke MacFarlane!

You can read more here.

It sounds like it should be interesting, especially because these two characters seem to be out of the ordinary with respect to the usual gay roles on TV. I’ll watch. And to be honest I haven’t watched anything on network TV in years. I watch news, films, cable series, and even game shows on TV…about two hours a day. But network TV doesn’t even cross my radar anymore. Maybe this show will be as good as Nurse Jackie or Veep and set a new standard for network TV.

Don’t Tell Mama Closes

Last summer I wrote a short post about a place in New York I’ve always loved, Don’t Tell Mama. From my post.

I found a sense of comfort there I hadn’t experienced anywhere else. Don’t Tell Mama is a sort of cabaret, restaurant, and entertainment destination in the theater district in Manhattan where some big name stars can show up at any time. It was one of the first places where I ever saw gay people acting openly as gay people. I was there more than once when celebrities came in just to watch the shows. In fact, in my Bad Boy Billionaire book, The Actor Learning to Love, I based one of the scenes on a place very similar to Don’t Tell Mama because one of the main characters is a pianist/cabaret singer.

Unfortunately, Don’t Tell Mama in West Hollywood will be closing its doors and it wasn’t even open a year.

Don’t Tell Mama took over the former O-Bar restaurant and piano bar space, which was empty since O-Bar closed in July of 2011.  Long time WeHo residents may also fondly remember this space housed the former Capones piano bar which had a decent run in the 1990s.

The piano Bar was named after the title song featured in the 1966 Broadway Musical “Cabaret.”  It was established in 1982 on Restaurant Row in the heart of the Theater District in NYC.  It’s been featured in numerous TV shows like “Friends” and “Saturday Night Live” and also boasts a long list of performers who went on to win an Emmy, Grammy, Tony, Oscar and the Pulitzer Price, according to their website,

I’m not sure what this closure means for gay culture in a general sense. At one time a place like Don’t Tell Mama in any gay venue like WEHO would have flourished. They are claiming they didn’t get enough customers. At one time right here in New Hope, PA we had three flourishing gay bars and restaurants. All have closed but one, and that one is hanging on by a thread. And it’s not that there aren’t enough gay people in the area to support them.

You can read more here.

Giovanni’s Room Closing

I know I posted about LGBTI Book Store, Giovanni’s Room, Closing last week, but today Tony and I had an appointment in Philadelphia and I had to stop by just one last time in person to get a photo and to see it. In many ways, it’s a gay cultural landmark, but here in the US we don’t celebrate our pop culture settings the same way we do with the typical historic places. If George Washington didn’t sleep there, no one cares.

Giovanni’s Room, which is believed to be the nation’s oldest surviving bookstore catering to the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community, is set to close next month.

The entire neighborhood surrounding Giovanni’s Room is probably more gay now than it has ever been. But even they couldn’t manage to stay in business, much like Don’t Tell Mama in WEHO.

Again, I think it’s an interesting statement about gay culture and how things are changing so fast…and where things are headed.

You can read more here.

Palm Beach Stud by Ryan Field

His Only Choice by Ryan Field
The Preacher’s Husband by Ryan Field

Porn’s Chris Harder; Death of LGBT Publishing?

Porn’s Chris Harder

Here’s a link to an article, below, that’s written by a gay porn star, Chris Harder, about the typical day of a porn star. He eats nothing but chicken all week long, goes to Duane Reade for fleet enemas (yup), and shops seventh avenue for jock strap fabric. It’s actually very well written, and far more humble (and humorous) than anything I’ve read in a long time. I don’t even know who he is and I like him already.

7:30 a.m. :
I’m up. That’s right, I’m not going to bed, I’m up and staggering into the kitchen, starting my morning ritual which almost always begins with a cup of coffee. If I’m lucky, I’ll beat my roommate into the bathroom (he works a 9-5 for a publicity agency) and if not, I’ll hop around in my Mr. Peanut’s pyjama pants trying not to focus on the dribbling sound of the percolator in the background. Today is a busy day. I have “city errands” and a training session plus a double booking in the evening. I’m also trying to wrap up a party I’m throwing next week and finalize my own bookings for the following month.

I really like pieces like this because we often get conflicting impressions about those who work in any area of the adult entertainment industry. We also get a lot of attitude and judgment from those who don’t particularly care for the adult entertainment industry and I think well written pieces like this disabuse so many of the critics by showing instead of telling. In a way I understand a lot of the things people like Harder go through because I write erotic gay romance. I have to admit that Harder sounds a lot more patient than I am.

You can read more here, and check out Chris Harder’s web site here.

Death of LGBT Publishing?

When I read pieces like this I often just shake my head and wonder WTF? Are they serious? They’re talking about the death of the LGBT publishing industry and never before has there been a better time for LGBT writers? Not longer than ten years ago the only LGBT writers who succeeded in getting a single author title published were those with the right connections and the biggest mouths…the pushiest annoying ones who knew how to work it the best. The rest of the LGBT writers were lucky if they submitted a short story to a small press anthology and got paid a $50.00 flat fee…months after the book was actually released and making money for the publisher. Oh, isn’t THAT a great system?

And what about reader choices? Well, we were limited to what “they” wanted us to read, which was usually nothing but dark, depressing quirky content that catered to those on the fringes.    

Giovanni’s Room in Philadelphia is the oldest and possibly largest LGBT bookstore in the nation. And now, after four decades, it’s closing. This news should make everyone involved in the business of LGBT literature — publishers, editors, authors, reviewers, and, of course, readers — pause and consider what this means for the future of their industry.

I guess it’s all a matter of perspective, because I have personally never seen such a boom in LGBT publishing in the twenty plus years I’ve worked as an author and editor. The competition is astounding. The connection to readers is even more spectacular. I’ve met closeted Amish men reading LGBT fiction on tablets they keep hidden, straight women from the UK and other countries, and so many others I could fill this page with examples. There are LGBT presses with stables of authors writing LGBT content, all getting a chance at their dream. There are readers who are buying ten or more books each week and devouring LGBT content. I’ve even seen kickstarter campaigns raise large sums of money for LGBT indie authors working on some extremely serious social material. The only thing that’s dying is the old gatekeeper system that was designed to keep most LGBT writers out and only a select handful in…not to mention the fact that most (not all) literary agents wouldn’t even touch most LGBT writers ten years ago.

The author of the piece blames Amazon for all this, of course. But doesn’t mention how many books LGBT writers sell at…or Smashwords…or right from the publisher’s web site. But the most shocking thing to me is this about LGBT writers in the Philadelphia area:

Local authors will be hurt. Many of these write series, such as mysteries — and readers, many of whom do not depend on the Internet for their book news, would learn of a new title in the series only by seeing it on the shelf. Ed gave local authors prominence: window displays and stacking by the register. Amazon will give them nothing, perhaps not even mention of Philadelphia. These authors will see their royalties dip significantly.

I’m a local author. I live in the Philadelphia suburb of New Hope, PA. I’ve been working so hard on novels with gay content for the past seven years Tony and I haven’t taken a vacation other than 3 days in Vermont to get married in seven years. I work with e-publishers, European publishers, and I also indie publish a lot of my own work. I’m part of an indiegogo campaign with a Hollywood studio that’s producing a documentary about same sex marriage in Vermont and I’ll be offering a novel in support. As for royalties, I recently saw a gay author on social media claim that because his last royalty check was so good he can now afford that new Mac he’s been wanting for so long. I see similar things from many other gay authors. But more important, there’s never before been a better time for straight women authors writing gay content, especially m/m romance. I know one who was able to quit her day job and write full time.

So while I am sorry to see Giovanni’s room shutter this month, I’m sorrier for nostalgic reasons because this is the end of an era we won’t see return. I do feel bad about that. But in a way it was this very same system that kept places like Givoanni’s room open for so long that also kept many LGBT writers hidden from view and silenced because they were not chosen as the select few to be published. In many cases it was a matter of luck. And now that technology has changed that, and the way people read and shop for their books has changed (in all genres), I think we’re only beginning to see a new era in LGBT publishing, with more writers and voices than we’ve ever seen before.

The death of Giovanni’s Room isn’t merely a stab at the heart of a community in Philadelphia; it’s one more victim of an ailment that sickens us all.

It’s also a good example of how times change, we all move forward, and nothing remains the same.

You can read the entire piece here. My comments were not designed as a rant, not by any means. He does make a few interesting points in some places. I only wanted to point out that in a general sense most of the changes I’ve seen in LGBT publishing have been for the best, not the worst. I actually never thought I would live long enough to see so many LGBT writers get a voice, publish their books, and sell their books. I also never thought I’d live long enough to see so many straight people reading LGBT content. And I don’t take that lightly, not for one single moment.

Giovanni’s Room Shuttering for Good; Larry Kramer’s AIDS Comments

Giovanni’s Room Shuttering for Good

It’s believed to be the oldest LGBTI bookstore in the US, and this May Giovanni’s Room will be Shuttering its doors forever. I’ve been shopping there myself for a long time and it was the first LGBTI bookstore I ever visited. The owner, Ed Hermance, had planned to sell the business but the buyer couldn’t come up with the funds. Hermance also said the money he’s lost made it impossible to keep the bookstore open any longer.

He blamed retailers such as Amazon for the tough environment independent bookstores are currently facing.

“The government is allowing Amazon to tighten their fingers around the throats of the publishers and drive their retail competitors out of the business by clearly monopolistic methods,” he said.

Hermance said there is a possibility that Giovanni’s Room could be resurrected in some form, but said ideas would have to change in order for it to be successful.

“Whatever it is that they do, it will have to be something different than what we are doing now. If won’t survive if it isn’t different,” he said.

Read more: PGN-The Philadelphia Gay News. Phila gay news. philly news – PGN exclusive Giovanni s Room to close next month

There’s a press conference tonight, and if there’s anything worth repeating I’ll follow up on it tomorrow.

While I find it a shame to see GR close, because it’s really the end of an era in many ways. I don’t believe Amazon or other online retailers made it a tough environment alone, nor do I think anyone has their fingers around the throats of publishers. In the past decade never before in the history of publishing have there been as many LGBTI books published and self-published. Never before have writers had the opportunity to make even a slight living by writing LGBTI books. But most important, never before have readers had so many choices when buying LGBTI books. If anything, the old publishing system had its fingers around the throats of writers, and gatekeepers, including bookstore owners, only gave a select few the opportunity to be heard.  

The fact is that life has changed, reading habits have changed, and we’ve been moving toward a new era for at least the past five years. And I’m only talking about publishing now, not everything in retail.

You can read more here.

Larry Kramer’s AIDS Comments

With the date to air The Normal Heart film adaptation in May approaching fast, Larry Kramer has been on a major public relations binge that’s only going to increase in the next few weeks. In this article he talks about how making this film is a highly charged personal political statement, and he makes a few good points and a few I’m not sure I understand. You see that’s because I was there, and I lived through those times, too. I was very young, but missed nothing. And my own experiences with AIDS didn’t just stop in the 1980’s, and I’ve never made a dime from those experiences.

Kramer says in a new promo video released by HBO: ‘How do you get attention when the mayor (Ed Koch) doesn’t care? When the president (Ronald Reagan) doesn’t care? When the commissioner of health doesn’t care? When the gay world doesn’t care? The gay world did not want to know about this illness.’

I do recall the silence with both Mayor Koch and President Reagan. All politicians went dead silent. It’s almost the same kind of silence we’ve seen with politicians like President Obama and Hillary Clinton with gay marriage up until recently. They weren’t very vocal about it either. This is what politicians do in all things too controversial.

However, I don’t recall the same silence Kramer mentions within the gay community, at least not within my circles. We knew what was happening, we wanted to know what was happening, and many of us took precautions because of what was happening. I can recall a time when gay men would go to a bar and order straight alcohol instead of a mixed drink thinking that the straight alcohol would kill AIDS germs. It sounds ridiculous now, but that’s because we really didn’t know all the facts about AIDS back then. No one really did. As we learned more, all that changed.

So while I’m sure certain people within the gay community didn’t want to know about AIDS, I can state from personal experience that many did want to know about it and they cared about what was happening. I have one of the first works of fiction I ever wrote for an AIDS organization in Philadelphia in my files waiting to be re-released. I only have it in hard copy but I’m going to scan it eventually and publish it here on the blog…for free.

I’ve also had my own personal devastating experiences with people I know who have had AIDS. I can tell you everything you need to know, from PCP to IRIS. So Larry Kramer doesn’t know all there is about AIDS or what happened back then. I’m not trying to diminish his personal experiences, but I don’t like it when other gay men speak for me, or about me. There are many of us who know as much, if not more, only we haven’t tried to make money on it. Most of us have been trying to make money FOR AIDS. I’ve always thought it uncouth for me to write about my personal experiences with AIDS, as intense as they have been. But I’m starting to rethink that, especially when I listen to Larry Kramer promote his experiences.

You can read more here.