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A Nice Amazon Review for the GHOST AND MR. MOORE

I don’t usually post reviews from amazon because people can read them there and it always seems like a waste of time. Readers know how and where to find reviews without my help.

But this review captured exactly what I was going for with the book and that doesn’t happen often. A while back, there was a post on a well known review site about whether or not readers want to know what the author was thinking when he or she wrote the book. Some readers wanted to know what the author’s intentions were, others didn’t seem to care…they believed it was the author’s job to show their intentions in the book, without having to explain them ahead of time. I’m on the fence about this.

But when a reader gets what an author was trying to do, without having any information before reading the book, it’s always nice.

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This review is from: The Ghost and Mr. Moore (Kindle Edition) A re-telling of “The Ghost and Mrs. Muir” with a gay lead. This was a fun read with an almost identical story to the original Mrs. Muir movie. A lonely parent of one child, a housekeeper, a dog, a New England sea cottage and a damn fine looking, however dead, sea captain haunting the home. Updated to modern times and told with a lively cast of extra characters, it still stuck true to the formula. Mr. Moore ‘ghost-writes’ a book narrated by the Captain in order to save his home and never gives up on the love between them. The ending, although known to anyone who saw the movie, was sweet and tender nonetheless. An old story, to be sure, but re-told with wit and a deft hand with the narrative. I thoroughly enjoyed the read.