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Hayden Thorne…YA Author

I recently had a nice e-mail exchange with author, Hayden Thorne, and I’ve been checking out Hayden’s books. We have one thing in common that gave us both a good laugh.

Though I don’t wite YA, I do like to read it for pleasure. And I’ll be checking out Hayden’s work. “Jumpstart” the world, by Catherine Ryan Hyde, a YA, was one of the best books I read all year.

And Hayden’s books look just as good.

She’s a writer of young adult fiction, specializing in contemporary fantasy, historical fantasy, and historical genres. Her books range from a superhero fantasy series to reworked folktales to Victorian ghost fiction. Her themes are coming-of-age, with very little focus on romance (most of the time) and more on individual growth with some adventure thrown in.

Here is Hayden’s web site.

And here is the amazon page.

I also love the name Hayden, and will probably swipe it for a character in a book one day very soon.