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Getting Rid of Fleas and Publishing Advice; ABC Reporter Calls Young Gay Trump Supporter An Idiot; The Birth of Gay Porn Films

Getting Rid of Fleas and Publishing Advice

We had a cat that lived to be 18 years old. Tony’s brother found her when he was in college and ultimately couldn’t keep her, so we wound up taking her. In those 18 years, she never went outside once. She was strictly an indoor cat. So we never bothered to give her any of the flea medications…because she was never exposed to fleas.

When the cat was about 8 years old, I bought Tony a red poodle puppy as a surprise birthday present. The puppy, of course, had to be walked and trained and he went outside all the time. I took him everywhere, even to Provincetown several times a year. We started him on a good, safe flea and tic medication recommended by our veterinarian and we never had a single problem with fleas. He lived to the ripe old age of 15 years old without issues or side effects. Friends of ours who had a dog about the same age as ours decided to try out a more holistic approach and they treated their dog for fleas with everything from lemons, to dish washing detergent, to talking in tongues. All these so-called “natural” holistic remedies got them was a house full of fleas, flea bites on their ankles, and a very uncomfortable dog.

As our cat got older, she stopped grooming herself and I know nothing about grooming cats, so I made an appointment at a good reputable local groomer and asked them to groom her as best they could. When I picked her up, she looked wonderful. I couldn’t believe how great they made her look. However, about a week later I noticed a flea on our dog and I couldn’t figure out where it came from. Long story short, the cat who was never on flea medication picked up fleas at the groomer, and brought them home. I had totally forgotten that she had never been exposed to the outside world, and I never suspected she’d get fleas at a pet groomer. Evidently, you live and learn.

So we put the cat on flea medication, recommended from the vet, and went into the long process of getting rid of the fleas in the house. It took weeks. We have no carpets and very few draperies. It’s a modern house and we like the windows and floors simple. We sprayed, bombed, and fumigated and still we saw fleas. And the vet told us the only thing we could do was keep vacuuming….everything…until the eggs were all gone. I never thought it would end, but it did, and ALL of our pets have been on monthly flea medication ever since. Anyone who has ever had a flea infestation knows all too well you don’t screw around with homemade remedies like lemons, unicorn glitter, and prayers. You need to be aggressive…and vacuum, vacuum, vacuum to get the eggs.

The other night I saw someone post on social media they have a flea problem and they were asking for advice. This is the point of my story. The advice this person received from hundreds of well-intended people who thought they knew everything was probably the worst I’ve seen in my life. The majority all raved about holistic remedies and swore that a simple dish washing detergent would rid them of fleas for life. Even though I love the person who asked for the advice, I didn’t weigh in. I know better by now to stay away from these topics. The few people who did mention the right way to get rid of fleas were treated as if they didn’t know what they were talking about. I figured that the person who was asking for the advice will learn on their own, probably the hard way, and eventually figure out that lemons, vinegar, or any of those other  natural home remedies don’t solve a flea infestation.

And that’s exactly what I see all the time with publishing advice. The wrong people are handing out the wrong advice and new authors are trusting and believing them. Don’t do that. Never take any advice about publishing unless it’s coming from a seasoned professional. If you do, you might wind up regretting it for a long time. Don’t listen to people on the Internet who think they know it all. Check out their credentials and make sure they know what they are talking about. Make sure they have good credentials. If they do, they will be listed in public, and if they don’t, nothing will be listed. The only thing harder to get rid of than fleas is a career mistake you made because someone gave you the wrong publishing advice. I’ve seen it happen too many times. And never, ever pay for any advice when you can get it all free online. I’ve seen those scams, too, and I wonder how some of these people sleep at night.

ABC Reporter Calls Young Gay Trump Supporter An Idiot

I know nothing about this so I’m just giving you the basic info and a link to click.

An interview between ABC Nightline host Terry Moran and professional maggot/Breitbart grotesquerie Milo Yiannopoulos didn’t go exactly according to plan.

Not that Moran wasn’t onto something. During the course of the exchange, he alternately called Milo “revolting,” an “idiot,” and accused him of having the mentality of a “13-year-old” boy.

You can check this out here. There’s a video.  This dude is one troll I haven’t run across on Twitter…but I’ve seen my share over the last 8 years.

The Birth of Gay Porn Films

This one is pretty self-explanatory.

Documentary film “Seed Money: The Chuck Holmes Story” takes viewers inside the birth of Falcon Studios, its rise amid antigay laws and the subsequent philanthropic efforts of Holmes, who found his money more welcome than himself.

You can read more about that here, and there are some fascinating photos.

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