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Jamey Rodemeyer’s Bullies Still At It…

I’ve been reading that the little fuckers who allegedly bullied Jamey Rodemeyer are still at it. I’ve received personal messages and e-mails from people who’ve read more than I have and I find it hard to believe the audacity these bullies have…and now I’m talking about all bullies across the board.

I’d like to see them try these bully tactics on the wrong person…someone like me. I was never bullied. When it looked like I was about to be bullied it only took one look from me and they backed off. I wish I could say hope and change and love will make it all better. But I personally think a good hard kick in the ass works a lot better. At least that’s what kept me from being bullied.

But everyone’s different, and some people are more sensitive than others. And looking the other way might work better for them than fighting back. It can also be dangerous to fight back, so I’m not advocating it. There are no easy answers, because there always have been bullies and there always will be bullies. I remember the bullies when I was in school and how they tortured certain people. When I see them pop up occasionally on facebook I take great satisfaction in seeing how they wound up: not well, trust me.

I know when we say it gets better it sounds like a cliche by now, and I understand how futile it can be to imagine it will get better when you’re in the middle of being bullied. Lady Gaga said she’d talk to the President about bullying and so far I’ve heard nothing from either of them. The President is off on his excellent adventure traveling the country by bus and who knows where Lady Gaga is. And we all know there’s nothing coming from the other side of the political spectrum from that dismal list of Republican Presidential hopefuls.

But I do know a lot of people without titles and high profile positions who are working hard to do something about the bullying problem. At the very least, there are places to go on the Internet and people to contact if you’re being bullied. My friend Ryan just posted about it. You can do this anonymously in most cases. You can let it all out and no one will judge you. So if you are being bullied, at least contact someone about it before you do anything drastic. It might not solve the problem instantly, but you will feel better.