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FREE Gay Excerpt: Silver Lining Ranch; Male Full Frontal Nudity German TV

FREE Gay Excerpt: Silver Lining Ranch

Silver Lining Ranch is the most recent full length novel in my Glendora Hill series and I’ll be releasing it within the next week or so. I’ll post a set date as soon as I’m certain it’s ready to launch. This will be an indie release for me, and kind of a bonus book in the series that I wanted to price lower. In addition to this one, and Cowboy Christmas Miracle, there are two yet to be completed novels in the series coming out with Ravenous Romance. Each book is a stand alone and they don’t have to be read in consecutive order. I did that on purpose for readers because I’ve learned that I can’t predict when books with publishers will be released, but I can predict when my indies will be released because I’m in control of that.

I still haven’t written a full blurb yet, however, it’s basically about a young ranch manager, Kelly, moving to Glendora Hill, Texas to meet up with his gay minister husband, Dudley, who also just moved there. On the way, the ranch manager meets a guy on a motorcycle named Wade, and as it turns out he’s moving to Glendora Hill, too. This excerpt is from a chapter in the book where everyone congregates at Sebastian and Avery’s house for dinner one night. Oh, and “Kick” turns out to be gay after all.

The moment they entered the room, everyone else in the kitchen stopped talking and gazed in their direction. Even though there was soft music coming from a sound system somewhere in the house, Kelly felt so awkward thanks to Wade he grabbed the edge of the counter and held it until his fingers hurt.

Without missing a beat, Avery took control and said, “I’d like everyone to meet Kelly Barrett, my new manager out at the ranch, and this is his husband as most of you already know, Dudley Long, who just took over the little church on the outskirts of town.” He didn’t go into details about Dudley’s church, and Kelly assumed that was because most people in town had already heard about Dudley and his gay friendly church. In fact, Dudley had already met everyone except for Wade.

Three men walked up to the counter to shake their hands and the tallest one wearing tight jeans, cowboy boots, and a tight black shirt took Kelly’s hand first and said, “I’m Judd. I’m the ranch manager out at the Marshall ranch. It’s good to meet you, Kelly.” Then he smiled at Dudley and shook his hand. “Good to see you again.” Kelly had heard the Marshall Ranch was a commercial venture geared toward tourists.

As the introductions continued, Kelly met Dr. Keith Elliot who was in charge of the Glendora Hill Medical Center, and a younger guy who also worked as a ranch hand at the Marshall Ranch, Ben Sanders. Although Keith, Judd, and Ben did not make a formal announcement, they let Kelly and Dudley know they all lived together in the old fire house at the beginning of town that was under renovation. They did this in subtle ways, with simple gestures and innocuous comments that made Kelly and Dudley exchange a few glances. They weren’t judgmental glances; Kelly and Dudley knew three men in a long term relationship back in Wyoming: it didn’t shock them. It’s just that they hadn’t expected to meet three men in a long term relationship that night, in Glendora Hill, and Kelly knew the conversation on the way home would be interesting that night.

After Kelly met Keith, Judd, and Ben, Avery introduced Kelly to a lesbian couple, Harby and Alice. They owned the general store in town. When Kelly made a comment about how wonderful he thought it was that so many people in town had shaved their heads to support Sebastian during his illness, he clutched the edge of the counter again when Harby pounded her fist on the counter and said, “No big deal to me. I’ve been shaving my head for thirty years.”

Through all these introductions, Wade continued to stand at the other end of the counter, smiling in an awkward way. Avery finally gestured for him to come over and even then he set his glass down and took his time, as if he didn’t want to be there anymore.

Avery patted Wade on the back and looked at Kelly. “And you guys already know each other.” Avery turned and explained to the others. “Kelly ran into Wade by accident on his way to Glendora Hill and helped him out on the road.”

Wade looked into Kelly’s eyes and Kelly felt his heart stop beating. He gulped and searched for his voice. He had to clear his throat twice before he could actually speak. “Ah, yes. We met on the road.” He didn’t want to go into any details. He just wanted to get beyond this awkward moment and move on to something else.

Wade reached out to shake Kelly’s hand and said, “That’s right. We didn’t even know we would see each other again until we pulled up to the saddle shop and figured out the connection we had with Sebastian.”

Dudley seemed to find this all amazing. He patted Wade on the back and said, “Life can be so interesting that way sometimes. Two people who don’t even know each other suddenly find out they have so much in common.”

“It’s a small world,” Harby said.

Alice laughed. “I knew you’d say that.”

“Well it is,” Harby said, sending her wife a look.

Wade shook Dudley’s hand and said, “It’s nice to meet you. Kelly told me so many great things about you on the road.”

Kelly felt even worse after that comment. He hadn’t mentioned much at all about Dudley and now he felt so guilty about this he didn’t even feel like eating.

Dudley held Wade’s hand a moment longer and said, “I’m glad he didn’t have to do that drive all alone. I was worried about that. I’m glad he had you for company.”

Wade winked at Kelly and said, “I took good care of him.”

Before Kelly could reply, Harby and Alice took Dudley’s arm and they pulled him over to the fireplace to ask him a few questions about joining the church. Alice had an excited expression; she smiled to the point where her nose crinkled. Harby had one eyebrow higher than the other and she seemed a bit apprehensive. Keith, Judd, and Ben started talking to Wade about his new fitness program, CrossView, which Kelly assumed without asking was happening in the fire house where they all lived. Kelly remembered Wade mentioning something about that on their way to Glendora Hill and he didn’t want to bring that topic back up again.

Avery asked Kelly and Dudley what they wanted to drink, and then he went to a built-in bar near the entrance of the kitchen to make a martini for Kelly and pour plain seltzer for Dudley. The moment he pulled two glasses down from a glass shelf Kelly heard the sound of footsteps coming from the staircase in the main hall, and then he saw Avery and Sebastian exchange a knowing glance.

Then Sebastian stopped what he was doing at the stove and went out in the hall without saying a word to anyone. From where Kelly stood he could see the front door, and he had a clear view of Sebastian talking to his young son, Kick. Though he couldn’t hear everything said in detail, he could tell from Sebastian’s serious expression and Kick’s defensive tone they were arguing about something. As he looked away, trying hard not to eavesdrop or intrude on something private, Avery walked over, handed him a martini, and said, “We’re having a few issues with our son. He’s really a great kid, but he started seeing this older guy and he’s going through this rebellious stage we didn’t see coming.”

Kelly took the martini and said, “I should go over and see what Dudley is doing. This is none of my business.”

            Avery leaned in closer and said, “Actually, it is kind of your business and I’d like to talk to you about it. I don’t want to put you on the spot or anything. I just want to get your input.”

               “I don’t see how I can help,” Kelly said. He’d always believed in staying out of these family things with friends.

               “They guy you hired as a ranch hand, Topher, is the guy Kick is seeing,” Avery said. “That’s what I want to talk to you about.”

               Kelly took a quick breath. “I had no idea. He just showed up out of nowhere the first day I arrived. He must know you and Sebastian own the ranch. He never said a word about dating Kick.” If he’d known this he wouldn’t have hired Topher.

               Avery shrugged. “It could be arrogance on his part. He could be testing us in the sense that if we didn’t hire him it would only cause more friction between Kick and us. Guys like that can be very devious. I’ve run into a few like him in my time. I’m not sure and we’re afraid to ask Kick anything about him in detail. We tread with care, trust me. I always feel all it will take is one wrong word and we’ll lose Kick forever.”

               “Technically, you and Sebastian are Topher’s bosses,” Kelly said.

               “I know,” Avery said. “I have a feeling Kick may have encouraged him to apply for the job. Kick knows we have a long standing rule about letting the ranch manager deal with all the hiring and firing at the ranch. We never get involved with anyone but the ranch manager. I guess they both figured Topher would never have to deal with us at the ranch, which is the truth.” He seemed to want to reassure Kelly.

               “I’m still not sure how I can help,” Kelly said. He didn’t want to get too involved.

               “We didn’t even know Kick was gay until he met this Topher guy,” Avery said.

               “I know about that,” Kelly said. “Sebastian told me a little about it the first day we met. Kick was on his way out of the shop that day and Sebastian seemed worried.”

               “It’s not that we’re not willing to get to know Topher better,” Avery said. “It’s that he doesn’t seem to want to get to know us better. And Kick keeps him so far away it’s as if he’s embarrassed of him or something. I don’t get it. Kick has two gay parents and you’d think that would help.”

               Kelly knew nothing about raising kids, but he did know that young adults were rebellious by nature and it had nothing to do with their sexuality. “Parents have been dealing with this since the beginning of time.”

               Avery rolled his eyes. “Tell me about it. Only a couple of months ago Kick was hanging out with a nice group of kids, worrying about school and all the normal things kids deal with. And then Topher comes along and he becomes a completely different person. We don’t even know where he is half the time, other than the fact that he’s on the back of Topher’s motorcycle.”

               “I can understand your concern,” Kelly said.

               “We’re just curious about Topher,” Avery said. “You see him on a daily basis. What’s he like? Does he ever mention Kick?”

               Kelly thought for a moment. He wanted to choose his words with care. Although he could feel Avery’s pain, he didn’t want to bad mouth his employee either. “He doesn’t speak much, especially about his personal life,” Kelly said. “He never mentions Kick at all. He shows up on time, does everything I ask, and I never have to redo anything he’s done. In that respect he’s the model ranch hand. But if I get two words out him during the day sometimes it’s a miracle. He’s definitely a loner.”

               Avery frowned and rubbed his jaw. “I think that’s what Kick likes so much about him.”

               Kelly could have disagreed with him because as an outside party he saw a few other things Kick found attractive in Topher that Avery clearly wasn’t willing to admit, at least not aloud. Kick seemed to be around seventeen years old, and Kelly remembered how he’d been at that age. If he’d been seventeen and a hot, dangerous guy like Topher had wanted to be his boyfriend he probably would have done anything to get into Topher’s pants. But Kelly knew most parents couldn’t be that objective, not even gay parents, and he said, “I wish I could help you more. But as far as Topher goes as an employee I can’t say anything negative about him. I’m sorry.”

               Sebastian had walked in on the tail end of their conversation and he said, “Don’t be sorry. I’m glad to hear that.” He smiled and tried to pretend he wasn’t upset. “I’ll take anything positive I can get at this point. I just don’t get all this secretiveness. I invited them both here to dinner tonight and Kick practically laughed in my face.”

               Kelly took a hard sip of martini. For the first time since he’d begun this conversation, he thought they both needed a little reality check. “Look, I know this is none of my business and we don’t really know each other that well. I don’t want to say the wrong thing. But if you were Kick’s age and you were dating a guy who looks like Topher would you really want to spend the evening with your dads and a bunch of established gay couples? Seriously.”

Male Full Frontal Nudity German TV

There’s a TV show in Germany that’s supposedly like our version of Celebrity Survivor, and it’s been shocking a few people in Germany with male full frontal nudity. Evidently, according to this piece, female nudity on German TV is fairly regular but male full frontal is still considered shocking. (More of the same of double standard.)

But this was male nudity. Not that the cameras paid much attention to the rest of actor Winfried Glatzeder’s full front. The debut for came in a long, lingering scene of him showering, or really, washing his penis. This was something he had sneaked off to do before his campmates were awake, apparently for some privacy. Few well-scrubbed penis, or as the German press euphemistically and bizarrely, re-named it, “Fleischpeitsche”, have ever had less privacy, though.

Beyond the first shock was this: the penis belongs to Glatzeder. The Jungle Camp is a collection of mostly of B-list celebs, and when they are not B-List, they tend to C-list, or lower. In this camp, Glatzeder’s campmates include a model, a music television presenter, a soft porn star, a pop singer (not a pop star) and a 1980s Germany Playboy magazine cover-girl.

 You can read more here.

They refer to this particular penis that belongs to the celebrity as a “meat whip.”  His has been a long and successful career, which brings us the third shock: Just like the rest of him, his penis is 68. It’s a retirement age meat whip.

You can see photos of Glatzeder, but not his “meat whip,” here. With a simple search, I couldn’t find any photos of the actual “meat whip.”