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My Upcoming Project with Bruno Gmunder German Publisher

In the past, I’ve posted about how I sometimes work with publishers in Europe, like German Publisher, Bruno Gmunder. I’ve been working on and off with others for a long time, and I think the last thing I did for Bruno Gmunder was this, which I posted about in 2010. Over the last twenty years I’ve made a long list of contacts, and professional friendships, I value dearly all over the world.

Back then it was magazine work, which I’ve also always loved doing. There’s a very different process when writing for magazines, and magazine editors are different to work with. It’s a more relaxed feeling…for me…and the focus on any story going into a magazine is slightly different than those going into books. The story really has to move fast and lean toward high concept. There’s no playing around and word economy is always of the utmost importance. I see a lot of new authors talking about how many words they have in their books and I don’t always get that because the true sign of tight fiction that works is less, not more. But that’s another post altogether.

And, another reason why I love magazine work is because you reach far more readers than you can with books. There’s very little promotion to do because the publisher almost always has a huge readership. The money’s great, too. I’ve always found that I can make more than triple in a magazine than a book.

But this time I’m not going to be submitting something for a magazine to Bruno Gmunder. It’s going to be a short story in an anthology that will be released sometime in August. I actually don’t have the time to do this right now, but I’m making the time because they were kind enough to contact me and because I want to do it. I’m a huge fan of Bruno Gmunder, they are one of the premiere LGBT European publishers, and I can’t wait to be part of it.

I’ll post more in the future about this. It’s tentatively an erotic gay anthology, in the classic tradition of what gay fiction/erotica is supposed to be, without the restrictions I seem to be seeing in gay fiction all over the web these days. The theme of the anthology for now is older men with younger men, and it will be pubbed in the US, too. For those who are not familiar with Bruno Gmunder, here are a few links.

This is the main web site.

Here are some books on the site in English.

You can go there and check out all the links very easily. It’s not hard to navigate even if you don’t speak German. There’s not only a classic quality to their publications, but also an artistic visual quality that seems to be disappearing nowadays with all these digital book covers that have low quality images of off-balanced blissful gay men and creepy little kids running through fields of clover hand in hand as if they are on their way to the next Glee concert. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. I think I might have even done a few I’m proud of. It’s just nice to see more classic art for a change, too, like the image on the cover above.