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George Takei, Star Trek Beyond, and Gay Sulu; San Jose Police, Public Rest Rooms, and Targeting Gay Men; "Twinks For Trump"

George Takei, Star Trek Beyond, and Gay Sulu

George Takei had a few more comments about Star Trek Beyond and the concept of making Sulu a gay character.

“I’m delighted that the issue of LGBT equality is finally being raised, but Gene Roddenberry created all his characters as heterosexual because he had to. There is a lot of evidence of Sulu being heterosexual,” Takei said. He brought up instances from the original series that involved Sulu displaying an interest in Uhura. 

He goes on to state that he liked the movie but the gay scene isn’t much more than a “whisper.”

You can check this out here.

I’ve always wondered “what if” when it comes to characters who are straight and have been straight for years. What if you make them gay? Why can’t you make them gay? Evidently, I’m not the only one.

San Jose Police, Public Rest Rooms, and Targeting Gay Men

This is an age old issue with gay men that’s rarely ever addressed openly, not even in the gay community. I know gay men who have had this happen to them. And it can be very costly.

From 2014 to 2015, San Jose police ran a sting operation where undercover officers talked with suspects, then cited or arrested two dozen people and charged them with, among other things, loitering near a bathroom with the intent to commit a lewd act.

You can check this out here. It’s an interesting article because they mention that there have been no arrests for male-female lewd behavior. The police will use their best looking, hottest male cop to lure and bait gay men into thinking they are interested in them, and then when a gay man responds to an open advance, the cops arrest him. And, unfortunately, you have to be very clever not to get sucked into that old trap.

“Twinks For Trump”

I honestly had no idea there was even a group called “Twinks For Trump.” And this article…or letter…is addressed to a gay conservative who is supporting Trump. It’s really getting heated up out there, and I think the lines have been drawn.

You think you are awesome because being gay does not, as you say, define the entirety of your existence. This does not make you awesome. It makes you privileged. You are sitting on a whole big heap of privilege, which you appear to ignore.

It’s an interesting letter that brings up a few excellent points. I think it was written from the heart. I like the last paragraph the most because it’s genuine and civil. The letter isn’t meant to be mean or antagonistic, which is a novelty these days. 

 You can check that out here

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