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George Takei Gets A Little Trek Twisted; Gus Kenworthy Gets Hit By A Car; James Franco and Nick Jonas, and Goat

George Takei Gets A Little Trek Twisted

When I first learned there would be a gay character on Star Trek Beyond, I thought it was excellent. Finally, a gay character that sounds toned down, and just might be a little different than other gay characters on TV. I saw how excited fans were on social media.

But George Takei wasn’t too pleased:

But Takei, to whom producers were giving a nod by turning his iconic character into a gay man, was surprisingly displeased by the news, telling The Hollywood Reporter, “I’m delighted that there’s a gay character. Unfortunately, it’s a twisting of Gene’s creation, to which he put in so much thought. I think it’s really unfortunate.”

Stark Trek’s Simon Pegg disagreed with Takei, and Zachary Quinto said this…

“Any member of the LGBT community that takes issue with the normalised and positive portrayal of members of our community in Hollywood and in mainstream blockbuster cinema… I get it that he has had his own personal journey and has his own personal relationship with this character but, you know, as we established in the first Star Trek film in 2009, we’ve created an alternate universe.

“My hope is that eventually George can be strengthened by the enormously positive response from especially young people, who are heartened by and inspired by this really tasteful and beautiful portrayal of something that I think is gaining acceptance and inclusion in our societies across the world, and should be.”

You can check that out here. I still think it sounds like a good idea.

Gus Kenworthy Gets Hit By A Car

Thankfully, this one sounds more serious than it actually is. I’d hate to see anything bad happen to this sweet young thing.

Kenworthy posted this on Instagram…

 “I got hit by a car today,” he writes in the caption, adding, “Luckily I didn’t get hurt too badly, I just wheelie, wheelie scared myself.”

You can check that out here with a shirtless photo of Kenworthy and his cycle.

James Franco and Nick Jonas, and Goat

I’m not going to be sarcastic about this one, mainly because I recently watched a James Franco film, Everything Will Be Fine, on Netflix that was excellent. I hate to admit it, but I didn’t know Franco was the star until the movie started. If I had known I probably wouldn’t have watched it. But I’m glad I did watch. It’s one of the best films I’ve seen all year on Netflix, and I wish Franco would stick to making more films like this.

However, there’s another Franco movie coming out called Goat, with Nick Jonas, that sounds like it could be questionable. I’m not sure.

What happens when you pair up the likes of Nick Jonas and James Franco in a psychosexual thriller about hazing rituals, unstoppered sadism, and the lengths frat boys will go in the name of “brotherhood?”

 Based on the controversial memoir Goat by Brad Land, the film promises an unending barrage of perverted sadomasochistic pranks, punishing rites and rituals, homoerotic camaraderie, and typical male bonding gone bad.

You can read more about this here

James Franco is like dinner at one of my favorite restaurants. It’s never consistent. I’ve had the best meals of my life there, and the worst. But I keep going back for more because the best meals really are the best.


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