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GM Benefits to Gay Spouses; December Book Releases Are Bad?

GM Benefits to Gay Spouses

With all the vituperative discussions going on right now about anything LGBT related in some circles, General Motors has gone in the opposite direction and announced it will begin offering marriage benefits to gay couples whether they live in states where marriage is legal right now or not. This includes pensions, savings, and health care.

“This decision is in line with GM’s efforts to find, keep and grow the world’s best talent and to offer our employees policies and benefits that are competitive with many of the largest and best-managed industrial companies in the U.S.,” said GM’s Chief Diversity Officer Ken Barrett in a statement sent to The Huffington Post.

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December Book Releases Are Bad?

One of the things I try not to do here on this blog is offer any advice. And that’s because advice is usually based on opinion, everyone has an opinion, and not everyone’s opinion is going to work for everyone else. Therefore, I would be highly out of line to offer advice on topics I can’t back up with facts. And there are some topics that can’t be backed up easily.

The other day I spotted a piece of questionable advice in a blog post. Someone told other authors never to release a book in December unless it’s a holiday themed storyline because books released in December disappear that time of year, and get buried in early January, which means readers won’t notice it and the book won’t sell. And, you’re done, tie yourself to the railroad tracks, and it’s the end of days as we know them.

Then I re-read the post to try to find some redeeming quality and couldn’t. So I thought I’d mention it here fast and remind all blog readers and writers that no advice is going to work for everyone. I’ve always tried to have a book…or more…released in December because from my past experience as a business owner I learned that even though the holiday season is a busy time for everyone, people do spend money on luxury items even more that time of year than any other. For many people these days, books are luxury items. But more important, as it relates to publishing, many people receive e-readers and tablets as Christmas presents in December and they want new book releases on those tablets. In fact, I’ve personally found the week between Christmas and New Year’s, and a good part of early January, to be a great time for new book sales. And don’t forget about Christmas gifts. A lot of people give gift certificates and books, including e-books, as presents. I do.

I can’t speak for everyone on this topic, and I’m not handing out advice right now or linking to anything. But it does stand to reason that if so many people are getting new tablets and e-readers for Christmas, new book releases might just sell even more in late December and January than any other time of the year. At least that’s always what I’ve found to be the case for me.

In any event, take all advice with a proverbial grain of salt and find out what works for you. If publishers thought this way no one would get a new release until March, which is absolutely too ridiculous to even think about.