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"Ze" Not "He"; Straight Guy Meeting Guys on OkCupid; This Year’s Top Jock: Vote for Gus Kenworthy

“Ze” Not “He”

If you’re like me you probably had no idea there’s a movement to change the pronouns we use….to use gender neutral pronouns. It’s mostly happening on college campuses like The University of Tennessee-Knoxville.

For all you folks who went to school back when there were only him and her – here’s a primer: some of the new gender neutral pronouns are ze, hir, zir, xe, xem and xyr. 

It’s not a mandate at the university and they claim they’re just trying to expose their students to different things.

You can read more here.  

It might make writing fiction a little harder. If this gender neutral pronoun deal takes off all fiction writers will know what I’m talking about.

Straight Guy Meeting Guys on OkCupid

For the life of me I don’t get this one. I’ve always had straight male friends and I never thought twice about meeting or dealing with straight men. However, this article makes it sound as if it’s a novelty…

“I start checking out the gay dudes,” he writes, “and I’ve been thinking about going to a gay bar, cause, why not. I can get women, mind you, but, eh, I’ve always had so much more fun with guys, normally.”

But before you go getting any ideas, the man admits the thought of having sex with another guy “is gross to me,” but he doesn’t mind the idea of “being close and shooting the shit.”


You just can’t fix stupid. And is OkCupid for gay people? I honestly don’t know.

The rest is here.  

And oh, you have to read the comments with this one.

This Year’s Top Jock: Vote for Gus Kenworthy

Queerty is doing a list of outstanding people in the LGBT community and one of the categories is sports. This one isn’t your regular fluff piece. As you can see from this excerpt it’s actually fairly serious with respect to gay men and pro sports…

 If you take the lowest possible estimate of the gay men at three percent of the population, there should be dozens of out players. We know they are there. Sometimes, we even know who they are. But the closet door stays shut. It is a situation made possible not only by the stranglehold of homophobia in the locker room, club house, and playing field but the unique circumstances of being a big-time athlete with millions watching your every move, on and off the field.

I got into an argument with someone a few months back on Facebook about Michael Sam. I believe Sam has suffered because he came out publicly. This other guy thinks Sam just wasn’t good enough, and that his being gay had nothing at all to do with his circumstances. However, I think the fact that so many pro athletes remain in the closet has more to do with career reasons than personal reasons. In other words, they put their livelihoods ahead of their own personal mental health, which I completely understand. It’s proof that it’s still a dangerous career move to come out as gay in many industries.

You can check the rest out here. Gus Kenworthy is one of the guys listed so you know where my vote is  going. And I obviously think you should vote for him, too, because he’s the cutest little thing to hit the Internet in years.

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