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Hot Men Distract Hillary Clinton; Give Captain America A Boyfriend; Rapper The Game’s Big Penis

Hot Men Distract Hillary Clinton

This is amusing…in that cheesy old time wink and slap your knee sort of way. Actually, the title alone is both distracting and ironic enough to make anyone smile.

At a campaign rally in Buena Park, California earlier today, Hillary Clinton got a little, ahem, hot and bothered when two young gentlemen unexpectedly took off their shirts for her. One of them had a giant “H” scribbled across his chest.

You can read the whole thing here.

I have no comment, but you really should read the comments with this one. They’re even more amusing…but in that new time snarky internet way.

Give Captain America A Boyfriend

When I saw this trending on Twitter the other day I tweeted something…something I can’t even remember now. But I think the point is how Twitter is always the first in social media to hit on something like this.

A new campaign to make Captain America gay in Marvel’s billion dollar super hero film franchise has picked up steam since the hashtag #GiveCaptainAmericaABoyfriend caught like wildfire across the Twitterverse.

You can read the rest here.

Rapper The Game’s Big Penis

Here’s something that dates back a little, but I think it’s interesting how social media has promoted this sort of thing. It’s everywhere. Yesterday I stopped somewhere during a short road trip and I saw a girl and her boyfriend riding around a parking lot aimlessly while she took selfies with her big head and purple hair sticking out of a sun roof.

This is basically the same thing…getting attention through social media.

West Coast rapper the Game has a dating show whose first season wrapped earlier this month, a new album out, and a whole lotta dick. Yesterday, he showed it behind the skimpiest of shorts on his Instagram…

You can read more about this here. I only posted it as another example of how social media has impacted all of us with things like this. 



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