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San Diego Pride; Carson Kressley On the Apprentice; Nico Tortorella Opens Up

San Diego Pride

Merry Christmas!!

It looks as though San Diego Pride will move forward. There was a little kerfuffle about this.

The conflict started when LGBT Community Pride reserved the location and dates of the 2017 Pride while San Diego LGBT Pride ran the event in the past. The double booking caused confusion in the city of San Diego since it was unclear which group would be leading the parade.

Leaders of the two groups have come together and decided LGBT Community Pride would disband.

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Carson Kressley On the Apprentice

We stopped watching all reality shows like The Apprentice a few years ago. Not for any particular reason either. We just got tired of them, and listening to them repeat the same lines over and over again. “I’ll go tally the votes,” and, “You’re fired,” really started to get on our nerves.

With that said, I guess people are still watching these reality shows…

Carson Kressley has never really left television for long since Queer Eye ended nearly a decade ago.

Next month, he returns to living rooms again on a weekly basis as he competes on a Donald Trump-less The Celebrity Apprentice on NBC.

The show has had openly gay competitors before including George Takei and Clay Aiken but has never had a gay winner.

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Nico Tortorella Opens Up

This one is about a bi-sexual actor named Nino Tortorella who talks about his worst break-up ever. I like him, and I like the fact that’s he’s so open about being bi-sexual.

Some years were better than others,’ he writes in ‘There were times we were happy, had amazing sex, felt like kings. There were times we beat the shit out of each other. Toxicity in relationship form. He was abusive but told me he loved me. Convinced me even, then punched me in the face. Sid and Nancy. Obsessed. Addicted. Volatile. Violent. Highs and lows. Ebbs and flows.’

This is actually a “thing” in more gay relationships than people would imagine. In fact, you rarely hear about it. I’ve seen it. There’s abuse just like in some straight relationships, and sometimes it’s physical. And it’s not just limited to gay men. Gay women can be just as abusive. I’ve seen that, too.

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Valley of the Dudes

Stepbrothers In the Attic by Ryan Field