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Worried For the Queen; Louisiana and the Bible; Pat Sajak Comes Out As Straight

Worried For the Queen

I often like to post several items that are not directly related but all fall into one category, and in this case the category would be: you’ve got to be joking.

The President of Zimbabwe is worried for Queen Elizabeth because he thinks she’s been forced to support gays.

What has happened to Britain? They have grown small in mind. That wisdom which the likes of Churchill had, where is it? You can’t see it in people now with gay habits – shame on them.’
He went on, ‘I pity the one lady I admire, the Queen, that she is in these circumstances, I’m sure down deep she must be groaning [at] the loss of values in Britain. They’ve gone to the dogs. Countries don’t respect Britain any more. Rule Britannia, Britannia rule the world. Which world? [David] Cameron … doesn’t talk much, but he acts in the same way as [George W] Bush.’

You can read more here. I’m posting from an iPad and it’s hard to get the links right, so I’m just adding them raw this way.

Louisiana and the Bible

This article talks about Louisiana making the Bible the state book.

There was some debate about which version of the Bible should be endorsed. Some wanted the oldest edition of the Holy Bible in the Louisiana State Museum system to get the nod.

Others preferred the King James version, but this was nixed because Catholics do not use that volume.
Eventually the bill’s text was changed to simply say ‘Holy Bible.’

So much for the separation of church and state.

You can read more here.

Pat Sajak Comes Out As Straight

This is interesting to me because I’ve seen this before with distant family members on facebook…straight guys coming out as gay as a joke…or whatever the intention. And I’m never sure how to take it. In one case, I just took it as someone who doesn’t know any better. But you have to wonder if there is an underlying message? And I’m not the only one who feels this way, because when Pat Sajak recently joked around about coming as “straight” he received a lot of interesting replies.

‘Seriously, mocking gay people? Is that all you got?’ wrote one.

Another reacted by tweeting: ‘Because I have a lot of gay friends that got dumped by their families and lost jobs when they came out. Just not funny.’

Others were supportive of the politically conservative Sajak.

‘If Gays think they have to wear their sexuality on their sleeve.. why can’t Straights? Be proud of who you are,’ tweeted one follower.

Frankly, I will never be as close to that particular distant family member I saw doing this on facebook again. How far can you take the concept of stupid when you have gay cousins and you know…or should know…how important gay marriage is to them?

You can read the rest here.