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Nick Jonas a Gay Icon? 46 Year Old Trans Woman Now 6 Years Old; Larry Kramer On PrEP

Nick Jonas a Gay Icon?

Nothing against Nick Jonas, but before he officially becomes a “gay icon” I think we should hear from everyone in the gay community. He seems like a nice guy and I think he’s brilliant at marketing and promotion, however, he’s not an icon to me. Just so it’s clear: I’m gay. I’m not Barbra Streisand or Judy Garland gay. I don’t get a thrill up my leg when Liza is mentioned. But I’m still gay.

“It’s an honor,” Nick Jonas told L’Uomo Vogue when asked about how he felt being labelled a gay icon, “but I don’t consider myself an icon.”

The ever-humble Jonas, who is currently gracing the cover of the magazine’s December 2015 issue, added that he’s feels privileged to have such a strong gay following.

“There should be a lot more straight artists who don’t have a problem with having gay fans,” the 23-year-old said.

This is the same “humble” guy who posed in his underwear and grabbed his junk so it could go all over the Internet. And there’s nothing wrong with that. Good for him. It was nice underwear. But humble? Last I heard, humble people keep their pants on in public. And, I didn’t know there are artists who had a problem having gay fans. Maybe he has inside info we should know more about.

Unfortunately, until more gay men start speaking up…and I know you’re out there…about these things the media will continue to portray us as teenage in-your-face, double-snapping fangirls who think of Nick Jonas (or anyone else) as an icon.  And that’s a shame, because a few people who commented tried to makes this clear, too, and it falls mostly on proverbial deaf ears time and again. 

You can check this out here. 

46 Year Old Trans Woman Now 6 Years Old

This is going to sound odd to a lot of people. But unless you’re gay…or any part of the LGBT equation…you’re never going to fully understand it. I’ve posted about this topic here on the blog and in many of my books before. I’ve done it from a gay man’s POV. Because of the stigma and shame that has always been associated with being LGBT, at least until recently, very few of us went through the same normal growing up stages that heteronormative kids got to experience. We couldn’t tell anyone we were gay when we were kids or teenagers. So we hid it and pretended to be something we weren’t. And that has repercussions that vary from person to person.

Now there’s a 46 year old trans woman who is living as a 6 years old, in what looks like an attempt to capture all that she lost growing up in a world that wouldn’t allow her to be who she really was.

Though her new lifestyle may raise eyebrows, Stefonknee describes it as therapeutic: “We have a great time. We color. We do kids stuff. No medication. No suicidal thoughts. I just get to play.”

“It’s a fresh start,” she says. “There’s unconditional love — I’m starting to feel like…I’m allowed to be exactly who I am, and I don’t have to apologize or make excuses why I’m different.”

I will admit this is extreme, and it does come off looking ridiculous. I will admit it’s not something I would ever do. But I will also admit that when I came out in my early 20s and started to discover men, I went through a fast forward course in puberty and sexual discovery that most heteronormative people my age had already experienced years earlier. Imagine a starving tiger released from its cage.

You can read the rest here. The comments are really mixed with this one, and some even think this is satire. I’m honestly not sure what motivated it, but I do think it’s worth exploring the general fact that LGBT kids simply do not get “normal” childhoods because they’re always in hiding and living in fear. I’m sure the experience does vary from one gay person to another, however, I still think it’s something worth exploring…especially considering the fact that the information gay kids do get from gay sources tend to be misleading.

And please don’t question whether or not I knew I was a gay kid. I knew. That’s all you need to know.

Larry Kramer On PrEP

I think this is happening to a lot of gay men lately. When PrEP first started making news many were against it, but I know many who have changed their minds just like Kramer recently did.

Larry Kramer no longer opposes the use of the HIV-preventing PrEp (Pre-exposure Prophylaxis) drug Truvada, which has been endorsed by the World Health Organiation and is demonstrably able to reduce one’s risk of seroconverting when taken every day. 

In 2014, Kramer made headlines by claiming “there’s something to me cowardly about taking Truvada instead of using a condom. You’re taking a drug that is poison to you and it has lessened your energy to fight, to get involved, to do anything.”

Personally I wouldn’t do it because I know what long term  side effects can be like, however, I do believe that if PrEP works for other men they should by all means do what is best for them without anyone casting judgment. And women for that matter. HIV is not only about gay men.

Here’s the rest.  

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