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Texas Gay Man Dies In Custody; Young Gay Men Come Out on Youtube; Gay Man Beaten by NY Cops

Texas Gay Man Dies In Custody

A 32 year old gay man in Texas allegedly died after he was denied medication that he’d been on for a long time. It’s interesting because the medication was Xanax and he was taking it as a treatment for severe anxiety. I hear so much about gay people with severe anxiety…and Xanax.

I’m not all that familiar with Xanax as a regimen medication, however, I have heard that people can have seizures if they stop taking it suddenly. Which is allegedly what happened in this case.

There is no disagreement that Jacobs was denied Xanax, which he’d been taking for over a decade to treat a severe anxiety disorder, but Galveston police officials claim the young man died of “natural causes.”

After checking himself in to Galveston County Jail to serve a 30-day sentence for driving while intoxicated, Jacobs began suffering seizures after his fourth day in custody. On his seventh day in jail, he was found unresponsive and taken to the University of Texas-Medical Branch in Galveston, where he later died. How he was initially discovered as unresponsive is unclear as police officials have different versions, including reports that medical personnel found him in his cell and that he collapsed when he was being administered medication.

The family is looking for answers. You can read more here. 

Young Gay Men Coming Out on Youtube

Here’s something that I’ve been seeing a lot of lately. Young gay men are coming out, in public, on Youtube.

YouTubing—the act of vlogging (video-blogging) about one’s life on YouTube in a way that appears natural, unscripted, and entirely relatable—has become an important creative outlet for young gay men. More than that, in videos that last a few minutes uploaded weekly over the course of many months or years, many of these YouTubers—including Troye Sivan, Connor Franta, and Joey Graceffa, who today constitute a core community of vloggers with millions of followers and numerous lucrative side projects from books to music to coffee—come out in the process of vlogging and choose to invite viewers into that process.

I never thought vlogging would take off the way it has. I recall a few vloggers from ten years ago that I used to interview for, but they never stuck to it for longer and a few months. The hits just weren’t there back then. Evidently, it’s become something of an outlet, mainly on youtube.

Here’s the rest of the article.

Gay Man Beaten by NY Cops

This story is kind of questionable, but the point is that NY cops allegedly beat this gay guy brutally and yelled homophobic slurs at him. Which makes most normal people wonder if that’s the best way the situation could have been handled…even if the guy was out of control. In other words, if this guy was a troublemaker would there have been a more professional way to deal with this?

The guy’s mother called the police because he was in a fight with his brother. When the police arrived they pulled him out of the house, handcuffed, and beat him. There’s a video with the link below of the incident.

The video does not capture what the officers said. Falcone alleges that they were yelling homophobic slurs, calling him a “fag” and a “faggot.” He says he had blood in his mouth after being thrown to the ground and one officer said, “Don’t let it get on you, he probably has AIDS, the faggot.”

Falcone also says the police threatened to kill his dog. He’s planning to sue, alleging his civil rights were violated. 

This isn’t the first time I’ve heard about things like this happening to gay people. In a general sense, I know for a fact that many police departments set gay men up at cruising spots and do all kinds of unthinkable things to them…from shaming to beating. The police know the gay men will never fight the abuse because they can’t afford to come out of the closet and let anyone know they were at cruising spots. In many cases the gay men are in the closet and that kind of publicity would ruin them.

I’m starting to think that in order to become a police officer in the US there should be mandatory requirements. One being they should have at least a bachelors degree in criminal justice…or a major in police science.  In this case, I think that four years of college would make a huge difference in the kind of police officers we have, especially in small towns. In other words, if you can’t pass the SAT test to get into college you can’t be a cop. Plain and simple.Or, at the very least, require an associates degree.

You can read more of this here, and see the video.  We complain about privacy a lot these days, but the one of the best things about all the technology we have now is that incidents like this can be caught on video for everyone to see.

Again, could this have been handled differently by the police?

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