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No To Lewd Gay Cruising In Wilton Manors, Florida; Tom of Finland’s House; Another Harry Potter Hunk

No To Lewd Gay Cruising In Wilton Manors, Florida

For those who don’t know, Wilton Manors, Florida, is a well known gay ghetto in the Fort Lauderdale area. In fact, I know a few gay couples from New Hope who decided to move down there year round, and several others who go down there to spend the winter. The only place I’m familiar with in the state of Florida, and ever plan to be familiar with, is South Beach. I like the cold and I love winter, I love where I live here in New Hope, and I prefer Palm Springs, CA for a warmer climate. However, the gays that flock to Wilton Manors love it.

Evidently, there are some gay men cruising the public parks down there, and it’s allegedly getting out of hand. One resident of Wilton Manors is trying to put a stop to it…for obvious reasons.

Rajner has called on the city to do more about men cruising each other in Colohatchee Park, saying the problem has reached ‘boiling point’.

Commissioner Julie Carson said it is ‘a very, very tough problem, and I am again surprised that city with the resources of Wilton Manors cannot address the problem adequately. By adequately [I mean] I think it should stop.

‘I am there regularly, five or six days a week, the days that its open, and the continual illegal activity is stunning.’

Cruising for sex, known as cottaging in the UK, is illegal in Florida.

Even though you would think there wouldn’t be any opposition to stopping this kind of lewd public sex in a public park, there are people condemning the guy who is trying to clean up the park.  I’m gay and I just don’t get that. The last thing I want to see is a couple of old queens (or closet cases) “going at it” when I’m using a public bathroom in a park. Someone should tell them. 

You can read the rest here. 

Thankfully, the comments seem to agree with me on this one. 

Tom of Finland’s House

I’ve posted before about the well known artist in gay culture, Touko Laaksonen, otherwise known as Tom of Finland. There’s a new book out featuring photos of his home, which is in Los Angeles. And God am I dying to see it. It’s really not a sex thing either. This is about the art and the culture. 

For example, there’s a bookshelf laden down with book, some Russian nesting dolls that look like Vladimir Putin, and a big black dick held aloft like a levitating snake. Tiny little naked men serve as bookends, shoving the books from either end.

There’s a bedroom full of sketches, one of them so massive it seems to be longer than the bed itself. It features a larger-than-life leatherman cocking his head dismissively towards a field of slumbering naked male bodies, so even if you’re sleeping in the bed by yourself, it’s like you’re never alone.

You can read more here. This article is SFW and there are photos of the house.

Another Harry Potter Hunk

You know how most cute child actors grow up to be kind of creepy looking and you are left wondering WTF, well this time one of the Harry Potter stars proves that sometimes the opposite can happen.

It was widely reported that Matthew Lewis, the English actor who played the goofy, semi-awkward Neville Longbottom in the Harry Potter series, had been treated pretty nicely by puberty and basically turned into a certified dreamboat overnight.

But now it’s a more villainous HP character turning heads across the web — 28-year-old Josh Herdman, who played Slytherin bully Gregory Goyle.

There’s more here, with photos.  

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