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To Any Gay Person Who Has Ever Felt Bullied By Other Gays

I wanted to write this post and leave it up for a long time for a reason. I’ve been talking to a friend who is in the closet and I’ve been listening to him tell me how he’s being bullied and talked down to by another gay person who thinks he knows it all. There’s not much I can do and it’s frustrating.

I’ve seen this before. Unfortunately, there are some gay people who feel the need to push the idea of coming out on everyone that crosses their paths. And I don’t think that’s fair or healthy. Gay people who are in the closet tend to be more vulnerable and they begin to question themselves and every single aspect of their lives and the choices they’ve made. That’s enough for anyone to handle without being bullied by other gay people. They need time and patience; not intimidation and bullying.

So this blog post is an open forum for anyone who has ever been bullied by another gay person. Whether it’s politics, coming out choices, or relationship oriented, please feel free to comment and vent anonymously. You can rant, curse, and scream. I don’t care. I have no way of ever knowing who you are and neither will anyone else. I don’t track IP addresses and have no interest exposing anyone’s identity. So if you need to vent, feel free to do it here.

I won’t even jump into the comment thread with my own opinions. It’s just a place for you to express how you’re feeling, and maybe someone else might read it and help you feel better.