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Gay Couple Divorce For Three-Way; Two Philly Hate Attackers No Prison Time; Michael Sam On Bullies

Gay Couple Divorce For Three-Way

Here’s a story about a gay couple who were married for a year and they invited a third guy into their bedroom for a three-way (a menage). What followed is interesting. I’m working on this same topic in the next book in The Rainbow Detective Series and I’m honestly not certain where the story line is going to wind up.

“The three of us sat out in our back garden together, talking for hours about our lives, ambitions and dreams,” Adam recalls. “Sebastian was different to anyone we had ever met. There was something about him that Shayne and I couldn’t explain, but it was like meeting our life partner for the second time.”

Sebastian was equally as surprised by how well the three of them got along.

At the time, I didn’t think I was ready to commit to anyone, so it was a surprise when I fell for both Adam and Shayne,” he says. “I didn’t think I wanted one boyfriend let alone two!”
The guys married to each other are divorcing because they don’t want the third to feel left out. This way they can form a new threw-way commitment that will include all three and not just two.  It all sounds wonderful, in that hopey-changey way, but is this something that’s even newsworthy?

It can get complicated, and obviously none of them have any serious financial worries about getting a divorce. In a way, it bothers me because it sort of diminishes what Edie Windsor and so many others (like Tony and me) have fought for with gay marriage. Getting a divorce like they’re doing, with such a glib attitude, is simple to do when you’re in your twenties and you have nothing yet…and you don’t have to worry about power of attorney. But in your thirties and older it becomes much more involved. There aren’t many gay grown up couples who own property and share bank accounts that would do this. 

And that’s what Blair and Proctor are going to face eventually in the next Rainbow Detective book. And right now I really don’t know where it’s going. From a romantic POV I’d like to see it work in the books for all three of them, from a more realistic POV I’m not sure it can work. I’ve seen too much in real life 🙂

Two Philly Hate Attackers No Prison Time
At least two of the straight people charged in a brutal attack on a gay man last year won’t be serving any time in prison. They accepted a plea deal, and the other will stand trial later this month. I’ve posted about this before and you can check that out here.

Victor Fiorillo at Philadelphia Magazine reports: “Kevin Harrigan and Philip Williams pleaded guilty to one count each of conspiracy and aggravated assault. Neither man will spend a day in jail. The guilty plea was given in exchange for a sentence of probation.”

Knott didn’t plead guilty. She’ll go to trial October 30.

There’s more here. 

I can’t really comment on this because this is how the process works and I believe in the process. From what I gather, and I’m no expert, taking a plea deal like this is an admission of guilt that will follow them for the rest of their lives.

Michael Sam On Bullies

Michael Sam is now reaching out to gay kids about bullying. He’s doing this with Vito Cammisano. I have no idea what the status of their relationship is. From the way it looks in the article they aren’t engaged any longer.

To commemorate GLAAD’s Spirit Day campaign, the guys filmed a video to help spread the word and encourage people to wear purple to show their support for bullied queer people.

“I support spirit day because it is very important,” Sam says. “As some one who was once bullied, I think its very important we tackle this issue.”
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