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Sir John Gielgud’s Gay Porn Script; Gay High School Football Coach; Fired By Catholic Diocese In Virginia;

 Sir John Gielgud’s Gay Porn Script

Evidently, there’s a gay porn script written by Sir John Gielgud that may never go into production because his charitable trust is trying to block it from happening. It’s a story that’s been transpiring for several decades.

De Rome said that Gielgud was a fan of his work, and in 1976 he wrote a short, porn-themed screenplay, which he passed on to De Rome with the suggestion that he film it. The film was set in a menswear shop, reflecting a sexual interest that McGillivray says Gielgud had in trousers and fabrics.
‘Corduroy was his favorite, but he also liked velvet, flannel, leather [and] denim,’ McGillivray told the Daily Mail last year.
De Rome never got around to making the short, entitled Trouser Bar, and retired from filmmaking. McGillivray tried to tempt him behind the camera one last time and offered to produce the film but De Rome was insistent that he didn’t wish to direct again.
In 2014 at the age of 89, De Rome died following battle against leukemia. It was at this stage that McGillivray thought again about Trouser Bar. He decided that he still wanted to make the film.

It’s an interesting story that can be read in full here. 

I remember seeing the movie, Arthur,  for the first time and I loved Gielgud in that film. At the time I was young and I had no one…NO ONE…gay with whom I could identify. It would have been nice to know Gielgud was gay. However, that’s only recently become the trend. No one can blame Gielgud because he was victim of his times. So when I write a gay parody like I’ve done in the past because we had no content whatsoever and my critics don’t like it, that’s too damn bad. That’s my statement on how unfairly the scales have been balanced. 

Gay High School Football Coach

This is one of those stories I wish we would hear more about from the mainstream media. An openly gay high school football coach talks about what his journey was like.

‘I was ready to kill myself because I thought even though this program was like a second family to me, I feared they would shun me. It was a crushing weight that I was carrying with me all of the time,’ he said last week during a TED talk at the University of Nevada-Reno.
It was during this talk that Wickes came out to the world and said he wants to make football a more welcoming place for gay players.
‘Football teaches so many great life lessons to those who play or coach: perseverance, toughness, respect, self-esteem,’ he says. ‘But the one negative thing that it does teach is that being gay is not okay. To be frank, the word faggot is used almost as much as the word football.’

He’s saying basically what I say here on this blog all the time: Take Away the Shame. Even if someone tells you they’ve “evolved,” on gay issues, tell them they should be apologizing to you instead. You don’t want to hear they’ve evolved. That’s disingenuous of them. They should say, “I’m sorry.” 

You can read the rest here. 

Fired By Catholic Diocese In Virginia

For those who don’t know, a “diocese” is a designated area, or district, in a particular region for Catholics. Think of it as being a county in a state, only this time the state is the Catholic Church and each diocese is a district in that state. A diocese is run by a Bishop, and he has minions at his service at all times. People are expected to kiss his ring. I know this from 12 years of Catholic school.

This is what happened to a guy in Virginia when the diocese found out he was gay, and that he was married.

‘I jovially welcomed them into a conference room, we sat down and with blunt force and no introduction or background, the (Chief Financial Officer) of the diocese said, “We understand you’re in a same-sex marriage.”‘
Murphy confirmed that he is married to Jerry Carter who he had met in January 1985 and been with ever since.
He says the CFO then told him: ‘Unfortunately that renders you unfit for this position and your last day is today.’

You can read the rest here. I’m sure no one is surprised by now, because this kind of behavior seems to be what the Catholic Church is all about when it comes to gays. And that’s in spite of the fact that there are allegedly so many gay Catholic priests hiding in the closet.

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